Multisource, High-Power, High-Performance Powered Device Controllers

Flexible, High-Power PD Devices Deliver Up to 200W

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The MAX5992A/MAX5992B multisource, high-power, high-performance powered device (PD) controllers provide a complete interface control for PDs to comply with the IEEE® 802.3af/at standard in a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) system. The devices provide the PD with a detection signature, classification signature, and an isolation MOSFET driver with current-limit control. In addition, the intelligent maintain power signature (MPS) and active FET bridge control make the PD more power efficient. The devices feature a active-low SIG_OK output signal for high-power Multi-2P PD applications. The selectable inrush-current modes allow Multi-PD, fiber-to-the-home/fiber-to-the-building (FTTH/FTTB) operation in redundancy applications. The devices feature an input UVLO, wide hysteresis, and long deglitch time to compensate for twisted-pair cable resistive drop to assure glitch-free transition during power-on/power-off conditions. The devices can operate from a 20.8V low-voltage supply by a selectable UVLO. The devices can withstand up to 100V at the input.

The devices support a 2-Event classification method as specified in the IEEE 802.3at standard and provide a signal to indicate when probed by Type 2 power-sourcing equipment (PSE). The devices detect the presence of a wall adapter power-source connection and allow a smooth switchover from the PoE power source to the wall power adapter. Moreover, the selectable WAD_SEL supports seamless power transition from a wall adapter to PoE if PoE is already enabled.

The devices also provide a power-good (PG) signal, 2-level current limit, foldback, and overtemperature protection. A sleep mode feature provides low-power consumption while supporting MPS. An ultra-low power sleep mode feature further reduces power consumption to comply with ultra-low power requirements while still supporting MPS. The devices also feature an LED driver that is automatically activated during sleep/ultra-low power sleep/MPS mode. The MAX5992A has 38.6V PoE UVLO and the MAX5992B has 35.4V PoE UVLO and feature a 6.5s sleep mode delay.

The MAX5992A/MAX5992B are available in a 24-pin, 4mm x 4mm, TQFN power package and are rated over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.
MAX5992A, MAX5992B: Simplified Block Diagram MAX5992A, MAX5992B: Simplified Block Diagram Enlarge+

Key Features

  • IEEE 802.3af/at Compliant
  • UPoE Compatible
  • High-Power 2x2P/Multi-PD Synchronization/Multi-PD Redundancy
  • Integrated Active FET Bridge Control and Back-Powering Protection
  • Selectable UVLO for Medical/Industrial Applications
  • 2-Level Inrush-Current Control
  • Intelligent MPS
  • Simplified Wall Adapter Interface for Seamless Power Transition
  • Ultra-Low-Power/Sleep Mode
  • 2-Event Classification or an External Wall Adapter Indicator Output
  • PoE Classification 0 to 5
  • Gate Driver for External Isolation MOSFET
  • Selectable Current Limit and Foldback
  • RJ45 12V Supply Input
  • 6.5s Sleep Mode Delay


  • Femtocell, Picocell, Microcell
  • Fiber-to-the-Home/Building (FTTH/FTTB)
  • High-Power 2x2P PD
  • IEEE 802.3af/at-Powered Devices (PD)
  • IP Phones
  • IP Security Cameras (IPC)
  • Multi-PD Redundancy
  • Universal Power-over-Ethernet (UPoE)
  • WiMAX® Base Stations
  • Wireless Access Nodes

MAX5992AEVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX5992A/MAX5992B

Quality and Environmental Data

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    Multisource, High-Power, High-Performance Powered Device Controllers

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    • UPoE Compatible
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    Multisource, High-Power, High-Performance Powered Device Controllers

    • IEEE 802.3af/at Compliant
    • UPoE Compatible
    • High-Power 2x2P/Multi-PD Synchronization/Multi-PD Redundancy