High-Efficiency, 3-Output, Low-Voltage DC-DC Converter

Small Automotive PMIC for ADAS Applications Requiring ASIL

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The MAX20419 is a high-efficiency, 3-output, low-voltage DC-DC converter IC. OUT1 boosts the input supply to 5V at up to 750mA, while two synchronous step-down converters operate from a 3.0V to 5.5V input voltage range and provide a 0.8V to 3.8V output voltage range at up to 3.6A. The boost converter achieves ±1.9% and the buck converters achieve ±1.4% output error over load, line, and temperature range. The IC features a 2.2MHz fixed-frequency pulse-width modulation (PWM) mode for better noise immunity and load-transient response, and a pulse-frequency-modulation mode (skip) for increased efficiency during light-load operation. The 2.2MHz frequency operation allows the use of all-ceramic capacitors and minimizes external components. The programmable spread-spectrum frequency modulation minimizes radiated electromagnetic emissions. Integrated low RDS(ON) switches improve efficiency at heavy loads, and make the layout a much simpler task with respect to discrete solutions.

The IC is offered with factory-preset output voltages (see the Ordering Information/Selector Guide for available options). Other features include soft-start, overcurrent, and overtemperature protections. The MAX20419 also has several redundancy and diagnostic features for compatibility with ASIL-rated applications.

Key Features

  • Multiple Functions for Small Size
    • Synchronous 750mA Boost Converter
    • Fixed at 5V Output
    • Dual Synchronous Buck Converters Up to 3.6A
      • Factory-Configurable from 0.8V to 3.8V in 25mV Steps
    • Programmable Windowed Watchdog
    • 3.0V to 5.5V Operating Supply Voltage
    • 2.2MHz Operation
    • Individual Active-Low RESET_ Outputs
    • High-Precision Performance
      • ±1.9% Output-Voltage Accuracy (OUT1) and
      • ±1.4% Output-Voltage Accuracy (OUT2, OUT3)
      • ±1.3% OV/UV Monitoring (OUT1–OUT3, PV)
    • Excellent Load-Transient Performance
  • Diagnostics and Redundant Circuits
    • ASIL-C Compliant
    • Redundant Reference
    • Fail Safe on Open Pins
    • Shorted Pin Detection Active Low-RESET1–RESET3
    • Input Overvoltage Detection
  • Robust for the Automotive Environment
    • Current Mode, Forced-PWM and Skip Operation
    • Overtemperature and Short-Circuit Protection
    • 24-Pin (4mm x 4mm) TQFN with Exposed Pad
    • -40 °C to +125 °C Automotive Temperature Range


  • ADAS
  • Infotainment
  • SOC Power

See parametric specs for Multifunction PMICs (81)

Part NumberPrimary TopologyMonitor/Control FeaturesDC-DC/Power FeaturesVIN
Oper. Freq.
minmaxminmaxSee Notes
Output OVP
Output UVP
Reset Output
Avg. Current Mode Control
Current Limit
Fixed Freq./PWM
Internal Switch
Sync. Rectifier
$3.99 @1k

See parametric specs for Step-Down/Up Switching Regulators (30)

Part NumberVOUT1
VOUT1 Tolerance
Switch TypeSynchronous SwitchingPower Good SignalAlternate TopologyPackage/Pins
MAX20419 0.85.320.83InternalYesYes
See Data Sheet

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