Portable Medical Power Management Solution with Cable Detection

Most Highly Integrated Power Solution for Rechargeable Portable Medical Devices

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The MAX14663 is a complete power solution for portable medical devices, including blood glucose meters.

The device integrates a high-efficiency single-cell Li-ion switching charger targeted at space-limited portable applications with small batteries.

An ultra low-power seal mode which significantly reduces standby current and preserves battery charge during prolonged periods of storage is also included. This mode extends battery shelf life, and enables improved customer experience with immediate out-of-box use.

Additionally, the MAX14663 embeds a Maxim proprietary ModelGauge™ (fuel gauge), which provides an accurate estimate of the available capacity for rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

A boost converter and LED current sinks are also integrated for powering OLED displays or LED backlights. Internal cable-detection circuitry enables the MAX14663 to identify the presence of an unpowered/unconnected USB cable. This information can be used by the portable system to intelligently select its operating mode, maximizing accuracy and minimizing measurement errors.

The MAX14663 operates over the -20°C to +70°C temperature range and is available in a (5mm x 5mm), 40-pin, TQFN-EP package.

Key Features

  • High-Efficiency Switching Charger Tailored for Small Capacity Batteries Saves Space, Extends Battery Life
  • Battery Isolation Switch Extends Battery Shelf Life
    • Hardware/Software Configurable
    • Integrated Power-Key Monitor
  • Integration Simplifies and Shrinks Display Driving Circuitry
    • 3-Channel Programmable-LED Current Sinks
    • Integrated Step-Up Converter
  • Integrated Protection and Control for Reliable Performance
    • Fully Integrated Cable Detection Controller to Ensure Measurement Accuracy
    • Overvoltage and Thermal Protection
      • 28V Tolerant VB Input Connection
    • High ESD Protection (VB, DP, DM, KIN)
      • ±15kV HBM ESD Protection
      • ±10kV Air-Gap Protection
      • ±8kV Contact Discharge Protection
    • Manual Reset Controller
    • Programmable Interrupt Generation (I2C)
  • Integrated ModelGauge Host-Side Fuel Gauge Saves Space and Accurately Estimates State of Charge
    • ModelGauge Algorithm
    • Tolerates Temperature & Load Variation
    • No Error Accumulation
    • Learning Not Necessary
    • Current-Sense Resistor Not Required


  • Portable Blood Glucose Meters
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • USB Connected Devices
Part NumberPrimary TopologyMonitor/Control FeaturesDC-DC/Power FeaturesLCD/LED/Flash/CCD FeaturesBattery Charger FeaturesInterface TypeVIN
Oper. Freq.
minmaxminmaxSee Notes
MAX14663 Step-Up
Reset Output
Serial Interface
Current Limit
Internal Switch
Soft Start
White LED
Battery Charger
Charge Timer
Smart Pwr. Selector
Thermal Die Regulation
Thermistor Input
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Technical Documents

App Note 5790 Boost Performance and Add Functionality to Portable Medical Devices Without Affecting the Power Budget

Quality and Environmental Data

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