High-Performance Power Management ICs (PMICs)

High-performance PMICs maximize performance per watt while increasing system efficiency for computationally intensive platforms such as systems-on-chip (SoCs), FPGAs, and application processors.

Our scalable power-management ICs provide multiple power rails and power management functions while consuming up to 40 percent less power than standard solutions. These high-performance PMICs extend battery life in the most compact form factor. They support a wide variety of applications including augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), gaming, SSDs, security, industrial IoT, and handheld devices such as cameras.

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High-Performance PMIC Featured Products

MAX77714EVKIT Board Photo

Evaluation Kit for the MAX77714 (Complete System PMIC, Featuring 13 Regulators, 8 GPIOs, RTC, and Flexible Power Sequencing for Multicore Applications)

MAX77650EVKIT Board Photo

Evaluation Kit for the MAX77650/MAX77651 (Ultra-Low Power PMIC with 3-Output SIMO and Power Path Charger for Small Li+)

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