PMIC with Ultra-Low IQ Regulators, Charger, Fuel Gauge, and Haptic Driver for Small Li+ System

Industry's Most Highly Integrated PMIC for 24/7 Monitoring Systems Such as Wearables and IoT

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Key Features

Parametric specs for Multifunction PMICs
VIN (V) (max) 28
# Step-Down Outputs 3
# Step-Up Outputs 3
# LDO Outputs 3
Battery Charger Features Battery Charger
Charge Timer
Input Current Limit
Smart Pwr. Selector
Thermal Die Regulation
Thermistor Input
USB Input
VOUT (V) (min) 0.5
VOUT (V) (max) 20
Package/Pins WLP/72
Price (See Notes)
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