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Using ultra-low quiescent current, our high-efficiency nanoPower regulators enable the longest battery life by maximizing run time, standby, and shelf life. Total solution size is reduced by up to 50% and heat dissipation is minimized with over 95% peak efficiency. This makes our nanoPower regulators ideal for small, battery operated and low power devices such as those designed for wearable, IoT and wireless applications.

nanoPower Boost Regulators

Maxim’s nanoPower boost regulators deliver the industry’s smallest solution size and longest battery life for low power devices.

Consuming only 300nA of quiescent current, battery drain is significantly reduced during standby mode. Battery life is stretched with 95% peak efficiency at light loads. The pulse-frequency-modulation (PFM) control scheme with fixed on-time provides high efficiency over a wide output current range.

True Shutdown mode, using only 0.5nA current, eliminates the need for external switches. Higher switching frequency means that you can use a smaller external inductor. Using a single selector resistor reduces the external components required. As a result, our solution size can be as small as 6.75mm2 with only 4 external components.

nanoPower Boost Converters with 0.4V to 5.5VIN, and 1.8V to 5VOUT

Part Number IQ (typ) ISHDN ILIM IOUT Features Package Buy EV Kit Tools
MAX38640A 330nA 5nA 250mA 160mA Reverse-Current blocking in shutdown WLP/6 Buy › MAX38640EVKIT  
MAX17222 300nA 0.5nA 500mA 200mA Post startup ETP WLP/6 Buy › MAX17222EVKIT EE-Sim

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5:26 March 10, 2017

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0.4V to 5.5V Input, Synchronous Boost Regulator


Delivers 300nA IQ at 95% peak efficiency and reduces solution size by up to 50%