A MOSFET driver IC is a high-gain amplifier that uses a low-voltage input to switch on/off discrete power MOSFETS in high-voltage applications. MOSFET driver ICs are commonly used to switch MOSFETS in a half-bridge circuit. The MOSFET driver IC controls switch timing to ensure that only one transistor conducts at a time, preventing potentially damaging shoot-through current.

In applications where multiple power supplies are connected in parallel (e.g., backup power supplies), ORing Schottky diodes are commonly used for protection. However, if a large current is required, the diode forward-voltage drop causes significant power loss, which means a heatsink is required. For these applications, it is better to use a MOSFET instead of a Schottky diode. MOSFETS, which have a lower on-resistance than Schottky diodes, produce less heat and therefore do not need heatsinks, making the overall solution size smaller.

ORing MOSFET controllers provide the control logic required for this type of circuit. Single and dual drivers, along with secondary-side synchronous drivers, provide even greater efficiency for isolated designs. We provide evaluation kits and reference designs for quick prototyping and design verification. Industry-leading features of our MOSFET driver ICs include fast delay times, small package sizes, high efficiency, and better reliability.

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Accepts logic-input signals and drives a large external MOSFET, ideal for high-frequency switche...
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4.5V to 36V input, high-current driver improves efficiency and thermal management.
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Fast switching time with short propagation delay, ideal for high-frequency circuits.

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Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 1.8A ...
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Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 2.5A ...