MOSFET Drivers and Controllers

MOSFET driver ICs are used to drive external MOSFETs in power supply and motor driver applications. Typically architected in a bridge configuration, MOSFET drivers provide the timing needed to ensure that only one MOSFET is conducting at a time.

ORing MOSFET controllers drive high-power MOSFETs to replace ORing diodes in high-reliability, redundant, parallel-connected power supplies. Because MOSFETs have much lower on-resistance than ORing Schottky diodes, their use results in lower power dissipation, smaller size, and elimination of heatsinks in high-power applications. ORing MOSFET controllers provide the control logic necessary to drive the power MOSFETs.

MOSFET drivers are used in a wide variety of applications, from motor drivers and load switching to switching power supplies. Single and dual drivers, along with secondary-side synchronous drivers, are available for increased efficiency in isolated designs. Evaluation kits are available for quick prototyping and design verification. Industry leading features include:

  • Fast Delay Times
  • High Efficiency
  • High Reliability
  • Small Packages

MOSFET Drivers and Controllers Development Boards

Introduction to the MAX14915 Compact Industrial Octal High-Side Switch with Diagnostics

This video provides an introduction to the MAX14915, which has eight high-side switches specified to deliver up to 700mA continuous current.

Automotive Synchronous Buck, High-Brightness LED Controller


Eliminates the trade-off between fast response time and low EMI for exterior lighting and safety applications.

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Isolated 24V to 5V, 12.5W No-Opto Flyback Power Supply


Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 2.5A output.

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Isolated 24V to 5V, 9W No-Opto Flyback Power Supply


Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 1.8A output.

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MOSFET Drivers and Controllers Featured Products

4A Sink/Source Current, 12ns, Dual MOSFET Driver


Fast switching time with short propagation delay, ideal for high-frequency circuits.

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7A Sink/3A Source Current, 8ns, SOT23, MOSFET Driver


Accepts logic-input signals and drives a large external MOSFET, ideal for high-frequency switchers.

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Secondary-Side Synchronous MOSFET Driver for Flyback Converters


4.5V to 36V input, high-current driver improves efficiency and thermal management.

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