Mosfet Driver ics and switches

MOSFET driver ICs are used to drive external MOSFETs in power supply and motor driver applications. Typically architected in a bridge configuration, MOSFET drivers provide the timing needed to ensure that only one MOSFET is conducting at a time.

ORing MOSFET controllers drive high-power MOSFETs to replace ORing diodes in high-reliability, redundant, parallel-connected power supplies. Because MOSFETs have much lower on-resistance than ORing Schottky diodes, their use results in lower power dissipation, smaller size, and elimination of heatsinks in high-power applications. ORing MOSFET controllers provide the control logic necessary to drive the power MOSFETs.

MOSFET drivers are used in a wide variety of applications, from motor drivers and load switching to switching power supplies. Single and dual drivers, along with secondary-side synchronous drivers, are available for increased efficiency in isolated designs. Evaluation kits are available for quick prototyping and design verification. Industry leading features include:

  • Fast Delay Times
  • High Efficiency
  • High Reliability
  • Small Packages

MOSFET Drivers and Switches Development Boards

How to Safely Demagnetize Your Inductive Load Using SafeDemag

Travis and Cynthia show how to use SafeDemag™ to safely and quickly demagnetize your inductor when using switching inductive loads. They explain inductive switching and the differences in freewheel diodes, zener clamps, active clamps, and Maxim’s SafeDemag solutions.

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Introduction to the MAX14915 Compact Industrial Octal High-Side Switch with Diagnostics

This video provides an introduction to the MAX14915, which has eight high-side switches specified to deliver up to 700mA continuous current.

Introduction to the MAX25615 7A Sink, 3A Source, 12ns, SOT23 MOSFET Drivers

This video provides an introduction to the MAX25615, high-speed MOSFET drivers capable of sinking 7A and sourcing 3A peak currents.

Automotive Synchronous Buck, High-Brightness LED Controller


Eliminates the trade-off between fast response time and low EMI for exterior lighting and safety applications.

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Isolated 24V to 5V, 12.5W No-Opto Flyback Power Supply


Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 2.5A output.

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Isolated 24V to 5V, 9W No-Opto Flyback Power Supply


Compact 24V input module with secondary-side synchronous MOSFET driver that features 5V at 1.8A output.

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MOSFET Drivers and Switches Featured Products

4A Sink/Source Current, 12ns, Dual MOSFET Driver


Fast switching time with short propagation delay, ideal for high-frequency circuits.

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7A Sink/3A Source Current, 8ns, SOT23, MOSFET Driver


Accepts logic-input signals and drives a large external MOSFET, ideal for high-frequency switchers.

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Secondary-Side Synchronous MOSFET Driver for Flyback Converters


4.5V to 36V input, high-current driver improves efficiency and thermal management.

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