1.7V–5.5VIN, 2A Low Noise LDO Linear Regulators in TDFN and WLP

The MAX38904 is a Low-Noise Linear Regulator that Delivers up to 2A of Output Current with only 5.1µVRMS of Output Noise

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The MAX38904 is a 1.7V–5.5V VIN, low-noise linear regulator that delivers up to 2A of output current with only 5.1µVRMS of output noise from 10Hz to 100kHz. The regulator maintains ±1% output accuracy over a wide input voltage range, requiring only 100mV of input-to-output headroom at full load. The 1.3mA no-load supply current is independent of dropout voltage.

The output voltage on MAX38904B can be adjusted to a value in the range of 0.6V to 5.0V by using two external resistors. The MAX38904B also includes an active-high POK signal for trouble-free load startup.

The MAX38904A has nine pin-selectable output voltages 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.1V, 3.3V, 4.0V, and 5V.

The wafer-level package (WLP) versions of the MAX38904 are available as C and D variants. The MAX38904C uses external feedback resistors for adjusting the output voltage, while the MAX38904D has factory preset output voltages over the range of 0.7V to 5.0V in 50mV steps.

All versions include a programmable output soft-start rate, output overcurrent, and thermal overload protection.

The MAX38904A/B are offered in a 3mm x 3mm, 14-pin TDFN package, while the MAX38904C/D are available in 5 x 3 bump, 2.2mm x 1.37mm WLP, 0.4mm pitch.

MAX38904A, MAX38904B, MAX38904C, MAX38904D: Typical Application Circuits MAX38904A, MAX38904B, MAX38904C, MAX38904D: Typical Application Circuits Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Delivers Flexible Operating Range
    • 1.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
    • 0.6V to 5.0V Programmable Output Voltage
    • 2A Maximum Output Current
    • 100mV Maximum Dropout at 2A Load
    • < 1.5µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • Reduces Noise and Improves Accuracy
    • ±1% DC Accuracy Over Load, Line, and Temperature
    • 5.1μVRMS Output Noise, 10Hz to 100kHz
    • 1.3mA Quiescent Supply Current
    • > 70dB PSRR at 10kHz
  • Enables Ease-of-Use and Robust Protection
    • Stable with 8µF (Min) Output Capacitance
    • Programmable Soft-Start Rate
    • Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection
    • Output-to-Input Reverse Current Protection
    • Power-OK Status Pin
  • Reduces Size, Improves Reliability
    • 3mm x 3mm 14-pin TDFN Package and 2.2mm x 1.37mm, 5 x 3 Bump, 0.4mm Pitch WLP
    • -40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature


  • Communication Systems, Test Equipment, Medical Equipment
  • High-End Audio Systems
  • High-Resolution Data Acquisition Systems

See parametric specs for Linear Regulators (133)

Part NumberRegulatorsVIN
Preset VOUT
Ref. BypassLow Batt./ Pwr. Fail OutPOK/Reset Thresh.
WatchdogReverse Batt. Protect.Oper. Temp.
minmaxminmaxtypnomSee Notes
MAX38904A to 5.0V0.650.052000YesNoVout-9%NoNo-40 to +125
$1.16 @1k
$1.02 @1k
$0.95 @1k
$0.95 @1k

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MAX38904BEVK#TDFN: Evaluation Kit for the MAX38904B
MAX38904AEVK: Evaluation Kit for the MAX38904A
MAX38904CEVK-WLP: Evaluation Kit for the MAX38904C
MAX38904DEVK-WLP: Evaluation Kit for the MAX38904D
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