300mA LDO Regulators with Switched Output and Overvoltage Protector

Regulators with Switched Output and OVP Offer Two Regulated Output and Load-Dump Protection

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The MAX15009 includes a 300mA LDO regulator, a switched output, and an overvoltage protection (OVP) controller to protect downstream circuits from high-voltage load dump. The MAX15011 includes only the 300mA LDO regulator and switched output. Both devices operate over a wide supply voltage range from 5V to 40V and are able to withstand load-dump transients up to 45V. The MAX15009/MAX15011 feature short-circuit and thermalshutdown protection.

The 300mA LDO regulator consumes 67µA quiescent current at light loads and is well suited to power battery applications. The LDO features independent enable and hold inputs, as well as a microprocessor (µP) reset output with adjustable reset timeout period.

The switched output of the MAX15009/MAX15011 incorporates a low RDS(ON) (0.28Ω, typ) pass transistor switch internally connected to the output of the LDO regulator. This switch features accurate current-limit sensing circuitry and is capable of controlling remote loads. The MAX15009/MAX15011 feature an adjustable current limit and a programmable delay timer to set the overcurrent detection blanking time of the switch and autoretry timeout.

The MAX15009 OVP controller operates with an external enhancement mode n-channel MOSFET. While the monitored voltage remains below the adjustable threshold, the MOSFET stays on. When the monitored voltage exceeds the OVP threshold, the OVP controller quickly turns off the external MOSFET. The OVP controller is configurable as a load-disconnect switch or a voltage limiter.

The MAX15009/MAX15011 are available in a thermally enhanced, 32-pin (5mm x 5mm), TQFN package and are fully specified over the -40°C to +125°C automotive operating temperature range.
MAX15009, MAX15011: Typical Operating Circuits MAX15009, MAX15011: Typical Operating Circuits Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 300mA LDO Regulator, Switched Output, and OVP Controller (MAX15009)
  • 300mA LDO Regulator and Switched Output (MAX15011)
  • 5V to 40V Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • 45V Load Dump Protection
  • 67µA Quiescent Current LDO Regulator
  • OVP Controller Disconnects or Limits Output Voltage During Battery Overvoltage Conditions
  • LDO Regulator with Enable, Hold, and Reset Features
  • Internal 0.28Ω (typ) n-Channel Switch for Switched Output
  • 100mA Switched Output with Adjustable Current-Limit Blanking/Autoretry Delay


  • Multimedia Power Supply

See parametric specs for Linear Regulators (134)

Part NumberRegulatorsVIN
Preset VOUT
Low Batt./ Pwr. Fail OutPOK/Reset Thresh.
WatchdogReverse Batt. Protect.Oper. Temp.
minmaxminmaxtypmaxnomSee Notes
MAX15011 154051.8110.830030092NoVout-10%NoNo-40 to +125
$1.61 @1k

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