LDOs (Low-Dropout Linear Regulators)

We offer a wide range of high-performance low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators. A low dropout regulator is a voltage regulator that operates with a very small voltage difference between the regulated output voltage and the unregulated input voltage. Our low-dropout linear regulators support specific performance applications where switching voltage regulators are not the obvious choice, including:

  • Low-noise, high-PSRR LDOs where signal integrity is paramount
  • LDOs that withstand high voltages to protect mission critical circuitry from transients and reverse polarity
  • Low-power, tiny LDOs that preserve space and battery life in portable applications.
  • LDOs for digital core supplies where low voltages and high currents dominate.

Additional features such as short-circuit protection and reverse-current blocking make our LDOs the ideal choice when your application calls for performance.

Linear Regulator Development Boards

MAX38902EVKIT Board Photo

Evaluation Kit for the MAX38902A/MAX38902B/MAX38902C/MAX38902D (12μVRMS Low Noise 500mA LDO Linear Regulator)

Linear Regulator Design Resources

EE-Sim® Design Tool

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