Automotive Low Input Voltage I2C 4-Channel 150mA Backlight Driver

4-Channel 150mA I2C LED Driver with Low Operating Voltage

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The MAX25014 is a 4-channel backlight driver IC with boost controller for automotive displays. The integrated current outputs can sink up to 150mA LED current each. The device accepts a wide 2.5V to 36V input volt­age range and withstands automotive load-dump events.

The internal current-mode switching DC-DC controller supports boost or SEPIC topologies and operates in the 400kHz to 2.2MHz frequency range. Integrated spread spectrum helps reduce EMI. An adaptive output-voltage-control scheme minimizes power dissipation in the LED current-sink paths.

Control is included for an external nMOSFET series switch to reduce quiescent current when the backlight is off and to disconnect the boost converter in the case of a fault.

The device features I2C-controlled pulse-width-modu­lation (PWM) dimming and hybrid dimming. In either case, the minimum pulse width is 500ns. Phase-shifted dimming of the strings is incorporated for lower EMI.

The MAX25014 is available in a 24-pin TQFN or 24-pin side-wettable TQFN (SWTQFN) package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

MAX25014: Typical Application Circuit MAX25014: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Wide Voltage-Range Operation
    • Operates Down to 2.5V Supply After Startup
    • Survives Load Dumps Up to 40V
  • High Integration
    • Complete 4-Channel Solution Including Boost Controller
    • I2C Control for Minimum Parts Count
  • Robust and Low EMI
    • Spread-Spectrum Oscillator
    • Phase Shifting
    • 400kHz to 2.2MHz Switching-Frequency Range
    • nMOS Input Protection Switch
  • Multiple Diagnostic Features
    • LED-Current Measurement
    • Boost Output Voltage Measurement
    • LED Open/Short Detection and Protection
    • Boost Output Undervoltage and Overvoltage
  • Versatile Dimming Scheme Allows Hybrid or PWM-Only Dimming Using DIM Input or I2C
    • Dimming Ratio > 10,000:1 Using Hybrid Dimming
    • 10,000:1 Dimming Ratio at 200Hz Using PWM Dimming
  • Compact (4mm x 4mm) 24-Pin TQFN and SWTQFN Packages


  • Central Information Displays
  • Infotainment Displays
  • Instrument Clusters

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Automotive Low Input Voltage I2C 4-Channel 150mA Backlight Driver

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