White LED Camera-Flash Boost Converter

First 24V, White-LED, Flash/Strobe Supply for Camera Phones

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The MAX1583 white LED boost converter drives up to five white LEDs with a constant current to provide camera flash/strobe in cell phones, PDAs, DSCs, and other hand-held devices. The MAX1583 includes a 24V boost converter and a high-voltage LDO current regulator for high efficiency and long battery life. Two logic inputs control four modes of operation: shutdown mode (0.5µA max), movie mode for high-efficiency continuous lighting (programmable up to 100mA), precharge mode for charging a reservoir capacitor to 24V while the LEDs are off (POK output indicates a full reservoir capacitor), and strobe mode for firing the flash during an exposure with a regulated current programmable up to 300mA.

The MAX1583X, MAX1583Y, and MAX1583Z offer high, medium, and low current limits, respectively, to allow tradeoff between reservoir capacitor size and peak input current.

The MAX1583 is available in a 10-pin 3mm x 3mm TDFN package (0.8mm max height).
MAX1583: Typical Operating Circuit MAX1583: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Supports Up to Five LEDs for Strobe or Flash
  • Four Operational Modes
    • Strobe: Up to 300mA
    • Precharge: With POK Indicator
    • Movie: Up to 100mA
    • Shutdown: 0.01µA (typ) Quiescent Current
  • Input Current Limiting
    • 1A (MAX1583X)
    • 500mA (MAX1583Y)
    • 250mA (MAX1583Z)
  • Small External Components
  • 2.6V to 5.5V Input Range
  • 24V Output Overvoltage Protection
  • 80% Efficient (PLED / PIN) Movie Mode
  • Thermal-Shutdown Protection
  • 10-Pin 3mm x 3mm TDFN Package


  • Camera Flashes/Strobes
  • Cell Phones/Smartphones
  • PDAs and Digital Still Cameras

MAX1583EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX1583

Technical Documents

App Note 3594

Quality and Environmental Data

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