LED Driver ICs

High-brightness LED drivers are integrated circuits that are optimized to efficiently drive strings of high-brightness LEDs. Maxim's continually expanding portfolio includes products covering the full range of efficient switch-mode topologies (step-down, step-up, SEPIC) as well as some linear LED drivers.

General Lighting

Maxim offers a broad range of LED drivers that can be used for general-purpose, low-voltage architectural lighting applications.
High-Brightness LED Drivers, General Lighting Applications 

Automotive Lighting

High-brightness LEDs are now commonly used for automotive applications ranging from headlights to interior lighting to infotainment LCD backlighting. These LEDs are driven by switching and linear voltage regulators that are designed for the specific application.
Switching Regulators, Automotive Applications
Linear Regulators, LED Driver Applications 

Display Backlighting

LED drivers for backlighting applications are specialized circuits designed to drive one or more strings of LEDs.
Selected LED Drivers for LED Backlighting, Small Displays 
Selected LED Drivers for LED Backlighting, Medium/Large Displays 
Power Management ICs with Integrated LED Backlight Drivers 
All LED Drivers for LED Backlighting 


Designed to provide high currents at a high efficiency, these products are perfect for projection applications.
LED Drivers, Projection Applications 

Camera Flash

Designed to provide momentary high-current flow from battery voltage levels, these products are perfect for camera flash applications.
LED Drivers, Camera Flash Applications 



12-Switch Matrix Manager for Automotive Lighting

  • Automotive Ready: AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Flexible Configuration Allows the Use of the Same Device in Different Applications
  • Optimal PWM Dimming Arrangement Provides Excellent Dimming Performance

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