4.5V to 60V Input, High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter

Reduces External Components and Cost for DC-DC Isolation

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The Rainier series of isolated DC-DC products enable small, efficient solutions with a lower BOM cost. The MAX17686 is a high-voltage, high-efficiency, iso-buck DC-DC converter designed to provide isolated power up to 5W. The device operates over a wide 4.5V to 60V input and uses primary-side feedback to regulate the output voltage.

The MAX17686 uses peak-current-mode control. The lowresistance, on-chip MOSFETs ensure high efficiency at full load while simplifying the PCB layout.

The device generates a well regulated primary side voltage which is then scaled by a suitable transformer turns ratio to derive isolated secondary output rails. The MAX17686 features robust overcurrent protection on both the primary and secondary side.

The MAX17686 is available in a compact 10-pin (3mm x 2mm) TDFN package. Simulation model and design automation are available in EE-Sim.

MAX17686: Typical Application Circuit MAX17686: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Reduces External Components and Total Cost
    • No OptoCoupler
    • Synchronous Primary Operation
    • All-Ceramic Capacitors, Compact Layout
  • Supports Numerous Isolated DC-DC Applications
    • Wide 4.5V to 60V Input
    • Delivers Up to 5W Output Power
  • Reduces Power Dissipation
    • Peak Efficiency > 90%
    • 0.9µA (typ) Shutdown Current
  • Operates Reliably in Adverse Industrial Environments
    • Peak and Sink Current-Limit Protection
    • Robust Secondary-Side Output Overcurrent Protection
    • ±1.7% Feedback Accuracy
    • Programmable EN/UVLO Threshold
    • Adjustable Soft-Start
    • Overtemperature Protection
    • -40°C to +125°C Operation


  • Floating Power Supply Generation
  • Isolated Fieldbus Interfaces
  • Isolated Power Supplies in Medical Equipment
  • PLC I/O Modules
  • Smart Meters

See parametric specs for Step-Down/Up Switching Regulators (30)

Part NumberVIN
VOUT1 Tolerance
Output Adjust. MethodSwitch TypeSynchronous SwitchingPower Good SignalICC
DC-DC OutputsAlternate TopologyOper. Freq.
Design ToolsPackage/PinsOper. Temp.
minmaxminmaxmaxSee Notes
MAX17686 4.5600.9601.7ResistorInternalYesYes1.951
-40 to +125$1.63 @1k

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MAX17686EVKITA: Evaluation Kit for the MAX17686 for Isolated +24V Output Configuration

Tools & Models

  • EE-Sim: Design & Simulate MAX17686
  • Request Reliability Report for: MAX17686 
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