2-Wire Interfaced, 5 x 7 Matrix Vacuum-Fluorescent Display Controller

Industry's First 2-Wire, 96-C 5 x 7 Matrix, Universal VFD Controller Provides Fonts and Filament-Drive Control

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The MAX6853 compact vacuum-fluorescent display (VFD) controller provides microprocessors with the multiplex timing for 5 x 7 matrix VFD displays up to 96 characters and controls industry-standard, shift-register, high-voltage grid/anode VFD tube drivers. The device supports display tubes using either one or two digits per grid, as well as universal displays. The MAX6853 provides an internal crosspoint switch to match any tube-driver shift-register grid/anode order, and is compatible with both chip-in-glass and external tube drivers. Hardware is included to simplify the generation of cathode bias and filament supplies and to provide up to five logic outputs, including a buzzer driver.

The MAX6853 includes an ASCII 104-character font, multiplex scan circuitry, and static RAM that stores digit, cursor, and annunciator data, as well as font data for 24 user-definable characters. An internal 16-step digital brightness control adjusts the display intensity. The device also includes separate annunciator and cursor control with automatic blinking, as well as a low-power shutdown mode.

The MAX6853 provides timing to generate the PWM waveforms to drive the tube filament from a DC supply. The filament drive is synchronized to the display multiplexing to eliminate beat artifacts.

For an SPI™-compatible version, refer to the MAX6852 data sheet.
MAX6853: Typical Application Circuit MAX6853: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 400kbps 2-Wire I²C-Compatible Interface
  • 2.7V to 3.6V Operation
  • Controls Up to 96 5 x 7 Matrix Characters
  • One Digit and Two Digits per Grid and Universal Displays Supported
  • 16-Step Digital Brightness Control
  • Built-In ASCII 104-Character Font
  • 24 User-Definable Characters
  • Up to Four Annunciators per Grid with Automatic Blinking Control
  • Separate Cursor Control with Automatic Blinking
  • Filament Drive Full-Bridge Waveform Synthesis
  • Buzzer Tone Generator with Single-Ended or Push-Pull Driver
  • Up to Five General-Purpose Logic Outputs
  • 9µA Low-Power Shutdown (Data Retained)
  • 16-Pin QSOP Package


  • Bar Graph Displays
  • Display Modules
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Retail POS Displays
  • Weight and Tare Displays
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