Dual Electroluminescent Lamp Driver

Industry's Most Flexible Dual EL Driver for Efficient and Bright Backlighting

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The MAX14514 is a high-voltage DC-AC converter ideal for driving two electroluminescent (EL) lamps. The MAX14514 features a +2.7V to +5.5V input range that allows the device to accept a wide variety of voltage sources, including single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) batteries. The lamp outputs of the device generate up to 300VP-P for maximum lamp brightness.

The MAX14514 utilizes an inductor-based boost converter to generate the high voltage necessary to drive EL lamps and allows the use of a 220µH inductor to effectively drive total combined lamp sizes of up to 20nF.

The MAX14514 uses a high-voltage full-bridge output stage to convert the high voltage generated by the boost converter to an AC waveform suitable for driving the EL panels. An external resistor controls the slew-rate of the rising and falling edges of the AC drive waveform to reduce audible noise output. The high-voltage outputs are ESD protected up to ±15kV Human Body Model, ±4kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge, and ±4kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge.

The MAX14514 features dimming/enable controls (DIM1, DIM2) for each output to allow the user to set the peak-to-peak output voltage with a PWM signal, a DC analog voltage, or a resistor connected from DIM_ to GND. The MAX14514 also provides a slow turn-on/-off feature that slowly ramps the output voltage applied to the lamp when enabled or disabled.

The MAX14514 enters a low-power shutdown mode when the EN and DIM_ inputs are connected to GND. The device also features thermal shutdown if the die temperature exceeds +158°C (typ).

The MAX14514 is available in a space-saving, 14-pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN package and is specified over the extended -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.
MAX14514: Typical Application Circuit MAX14514: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Dual ±15kV ESD-Protected EL Lamp Outputs
  • 300VP-P Maximum Output for Highest Brightness
  • +2.7V to +5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • Resistor Adjustable Slew-Rate Control
  • Resistor Adjustable Lamp and Switching Converter Frequencies
  • DIM Input for Controlling Output Voltage Through DC Analog Voltage, PWM, or Resistor to GND
  • Capacitor Adjustable Soft Turn-On/Off
  • Low 150nA Shutdown Current
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Space-Saving, 14-Pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN Package


  • Keypad Backlighting
  • LCD Backlighting
  • PDAs/Smartphones

See parametric specs for ElectroLuminescent Drivers (2)

Part NumberTopologyEL LampsVIN
ESD Protection
Dimming ControlSoft StartPackage/PinsOper. Temp.
max num. ofminnomSee Notes
MAX14514 Inductor Based22.730015
-40 to +85$3.80 @1k

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MAX14514EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX14514
Product Reliability Reports: MAX14514.pdf 
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