I²C, 8-Channel Gamma Buffer with EEPROM

Low-Power, Low-Cost LCD Gamma Generator with EEPROM

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The DS3508 is a programmable 8-channel gamma voltage generator with one byte of on-chip EEPROM and one byte of SRAM memory per channel. Each channel is composed of an independent 8-bit DAC with an associated EEPROM/SRAM pair. At power-up, nonvolatile (NV) EEPROM gamma data is loaded into its corresponding SRAM register that drives the associated 8-bit DAC. An on-chip control register allows selectable control of writing to SRAM/EEPROM or SRAM only.

The DS3508 is designed for low-power operation and draws less than 2mA (typ) from the VDD supply. Programming occurs through an I²C-compatible serial interface with support for speeds up to 400kHz.
DS3508: Typical Operating Circuit DS3508: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 8-Bit Gamma DACs, 8 Channels
  • 1 Byte EEPROM and 1 Byte SRAM per Channel
  • Ultra-Low Power (2mA IDD, typ)
  • 400kbps I²C Interface
  • 9.0V to 15.5V Analog Supply
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Digital Supply
  • 20-Pin TSSOP Package
  • Address Pin Allows Two DS3508s to Reside on the Same I²C Bus


  • Industrial Controls
  • TFT-LCD Gamma Buffer
Product Reliability Reports: DS3508.pdf 
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