USB-C Solutions

Create Smaller, More Power-Efficient USB-C and USB Power Delivery Designs

Thanks to USB-C and USB power delivery, compact electronic devices can now be fed by a small, single, bidirectional cable that delivers data, video, and power. Although USB Type-C and USB power delivery are making electronic devices easier to manage for end users, complying with the protocol can involve multiple hardware components, complex software, as well as custom firmware development.

Our extensive portfolio of ICs for USB-C and USB power delivery designs provides high levels of integration and flexibility that engineers need to create compact, power-efficient electronics compatible with bidirectional data and power delivery requirements. Our portfolio includes chargers, converters, controllers, as well as power path and protection devices. that:

  • Enable simple, robust, and flexible designs
  • Reduce BOM costs and solution size
  • Decrease development time

USB Type-C PD Controllers  
USB-C Power Path and Protection  
USB-C Battery Chargers  
USB-C Step-Down Switching Regulators  

USB-C Selector Guide

Part Number Functionality Description Sample Order EV Kit
USB Type-C PD Controllers
MAX77958 PD Controller USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) controller Sample Buy Buy
USB-C Chargers
MAX77860 Charger and CC Control with I2C Configuration 3.15A USB-C Buck Charger with I2C for 1S Li+ Batteries Sample Buy Buy
MAX77751 Charger and CC Control 3.15A USB-C Autonomous Buck Charger for 1-Cell Li+ Batteries Sample Buy Buy
MAX14748 Charger and CC Control with I2C Configuration 1.5A USB-C Boost Charger with I2C for 2S Li+ Batteries Sample Buy Buy
MAX77962 Charger 3A Buck-Boost Charger for USB-C Power Delivery for 2S Li+ Batteries Sample Buy Buy
USB-C Power
MAX77756 Converter 24V Input, 500mA Buck Regulator with Dual-Input Power MUX Sample Buy Buy
MAX77596 Converter 24V, 300mA, Buck Converter with 1.1μA IQ Sample Buy Buy
USB-C Power Path and Protection
MAX14727 Protection Dual-Input, Bidirectional Overvoltage Protector with Automatic Path Control Sample Buy Buy
MAX20323 Protection USB Type-C CC-Pin Overvoltage Protector Sample Buy Buy
MAX20328 Protection MUX Switch for USB Type-C Audio Adapter Accessories Sample Buy Buy
MAX20333 Protection Adjustable Current-Limit Switch with Low-Power Mode Sample Buy Buy
MAX20334 Protection Overvoltage and Surge-Protected Dual SPDT Data Line Switch Sample Buy Buy

USB-C Featured Products

Evaluation Kit for USB Type-C CC-Pin Overvoltage Protector


Evaluates the USB Type-C CC-pin overvoltage protection device.

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Evaluation Kit for Standalone USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller


Evaluates the standalone USB Type-C CC detection and USB power delivery controller.

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Evaluation Kit for USB-C Buck-Boost Charger with Integrated FETs for 2S Li-Ion Batteries


Evaluates the 3.2A USB Type-C buck-boost charger for 2S Li-ion batteries.

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