Evaluation Kit for the MAX8900A and MAX8900B

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The MAX8900A evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the MAX8900A switch-mode Li+/Li-Poly charger with ±22V input rating and JEITA* battery temperature monitoring. The MAX8900A charges a 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) or lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) battery. The MAX8900A delivers up to 1.2A of current to the battery from a 3.4V to 6.3V supply. External resistors and potentiometers adjust the fast-charge current and the prequalification and done current thresholds. A JEITA battery temperature monitor adjusts charge current and termination voltage.

The MAX8900A EV kit comes with the MAX8900A installed, but can also be used to evaluate the MAX8900B with IC replacement of U1. Request a free sample of the MAX8900B when you order the MAX8900A EV kit.

Key Features

  • 3.25MHz Switching Li+/Li-Poly Battery Charger
  • JEITA Battery Temperature Monitor Adjusts Charge Current and Termination Voltage
    • On-Board 3380K NTC Thermistor
    • On-Board Potentiometer Allows Easy Evaluation
  • Battery Fast-Charge Current-Limit Adjustment Range of 50mA to 1200mA
    • Dynamic Charge Current Programming Using MOSFET and Resistor Array on the EV Kit
    • Potentiometer Adjustment Available
  • Prequalification and Done Threshold Adjustment Range of 10mA to 200mA
    • Dynamic Charge Current Programming Using MOSFET and Resistor Array on the EV Kit
    • Potentiometer Adjustment Available
  • Selectable Charge Source Connector 2.1mm Barrel or Micro-USB
  • Three Status LED Indicators
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


  • Digital Cameras
  • eBook
  • GPS, PND
  • Headsets and Media Players
  • Smartphones
  • USB Charging
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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