High-Precision Coulomb Counter

High-Precision Battery Fuel Gauge Costs Less than $1.00 Ideal for Handheld Products

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The DS2740 remains in production, however, for new projects, we recommend ModelGauge m5 MAX17211 fuel gauge.

The DS2740 provides high-precision current-flow measurement data to support battery-capacity monitoring in cost-sensitive applications. Current is measured bidirectionally over a dynamic range of 15 bits (DS2740U) or 13 bits (DS2740BU), with the net flow accumulated in a separate 16-bit register. Through its 1-Wire® interface, the DS2740 allows the host system read/write access to status and current measurement registers. Each device has a unique factory-programmed 64-bit net address that allows it to be individually addressed by the host system, supporting multibattery slot operation. The interface can be operated with standard or overdrive timing.

Although the DS2740 is primarily intended for location on the host system, it is also suited for mounting in the battery pack. The DS2740 and FuelPack™ algorithms, along with host measurements of temperature and voltage, form a complete and accurate solution for estimating remaining capacity.

Key Features

  • 15-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement (DS2740U)
    • 1.56µV LSB and ±51.2mV Dynamic Range
    • 78µA LSB and ±2.56A Dynamic Range with External 20mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS)
    • 156µA LSB and ±5.12A Dynamic Range with External 10mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS)
  • 13-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement (DS2740BU)
    • 6.25µV LSB and ±51.2mV Dynamic Range
    • 312µA LSB and ±2.56A Dynamic Range with External 20mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS)
    • 625µA LSB and ±5.12A Dynamic Range with External 10mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS)
  • Analog Input Filter (IS1, IS2) Extends Dynamic Range for Pulse-Load Applications
  • Current Accumulation Register Resolution
    • 6.25µVhr (Both DS2740U and DS2740BU)
    • 0.3125mAhr with External 20mΩ RSNS
    • 0.6250mAhr with External 10mΩ RSNS
  • Dallas 1-Wire Interface
    • Unique 64-Bit Device Address
    • Standard and Overdrive Timings (OVD)
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • Active Current: 65µA max
    • Sleep Current: 1µA max


  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Portable Entertainment Devices
  • Smart Battery Packs/Chargers

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Product Reliability Reports: DS2740.pdf 
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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