Battery Management Solutions

As portable and wearable devices proliferate, the need for safe, secure, and effective battery management solutions is becoming increasingly important. Our broad portfolio of battery management solutions includes battery chargers, fuel gauges, identifiers, and authenticators and also battery monitors, protectors, and selectors. These solutions reduce cost, save space, and help to significantly extend the battery life of portable products while making them safer.

Battery Chargers

Our battery charger ICs allow safe charging for 1- to 3-cell Li-ion (Li+)/Li-Polymer, NiMH/NiCd, lead-acid, and rechargeable batteries of other chemistries in multiple form factors. They provide support for USB Type-C devices, meeting all power delivery (PD) 3.0 voltage range specifications.

Battery Chargers

Fuel Gauges

Our fuel gauges monitor remaining battery charge using the proprietary ModelGauge algorithm to provide the highest accuracy. The comprehensive integrated protection improves battery safety while SHA-256 authentication helps prevent battery-pack cloning. These fuel gauges can be used for 1-cell as well as multiple-series cell batteries. In combination with our battery chargers, they provide the efficiency, accuracy, and protection required to support Li+ battery applications.

Battery Fuel Gauges

Battery Identifiers and Authenticators

Our identification ICs provide data storage and serial number identification for battery packs. Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) verification provides data integrity during communication. The low-voltage 1-Wire® interface of our battery identification ICs enables serial communication on a single battery contact. The 64-bit unique serial number allows multidrop networking and identification of individual devices.

Our battery authentication ICs employ hardware-based Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) token authentication that provides security without the added cost and complexity of a microprocessor-based system. Battery authentication is performed using a single contact through the 1-Wire interface.

Battery Identification and Authentication

USB-C Power Delivery Controllers

USB-C Power Delivery enables high power charging up to 100W. Maxim’s USB-C Power Delivery controllers offer out-of-the-box USB-C PD 3.0 compliant solutions with Fast Role Swap and Dual Role Port (DRP) support, legacy USB port support and enables robust designs with high VBUS rating, CC pin short protection, moisture detection and corrosion prevention.

USB-C PD Controllers

Battery Monitors

Our battery monitor ICs have a high cell count, allowing a flexible system architecture. They provide simultaneous sampling to improve both cell balancing and battery pack lifetime. They also combine comprehensive diagnostics and robust communications with high reliability.

Battery Protectors

We have a selection of battery protector ICs that enhance the useful operating life of Li+ batteries by monitoring individual cell voltages and preventing overvoltage or undervoltage conditions. They also protect battery packs against charge current, discharge current, and battery-pack short/ fault conditions. In addition, they also detect abnormal levels of internal self-discharge that can be an early indicator of batteries becoming potentially hazardous.

Battery Selectors

Our range of battery selector ICs provide power-source control for dual-battery systems. By independently performing power-source monitoring and selection, the system power-management µP is freed up to perform other tasks.

Battery Monitors, Protectors, and Selectors

Battery Management Development Boards

7µA 1-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge m5 EZ


Combines coulomb counting and voltage fuel gauging for highest SOC accuracy.

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MAX8971EVKIT Board Photo

Evaluation System for the MAX8971 (Industry's Smallest 1.55A 1-Cell Li+ DC-DC Charger)

MAX77650EVKIT Board Photo

Evaluation Kit for the MAX77650/MAX77651 (Ultra-Low Power PMIC with 3-Output SIMO and Power Path Charger for Small Li+)

Battery Management Design Resources

Design Tools and Software

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USB-C Fundamentals
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Battery Management Featured Products

USB Type-C Autonomous Charger for 1-Cell Li+ Batteries


Industry's first autonomous charger with integrated USB Type-C detection and reverse boost capability.

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Out-of-the-box USB-C PD Controller Cuts Development Time and Enables Robust Designs


Eliminates three months of firmware development with a GUI-driven customization script, BC1.2 support, Fast Role Swap, DRP mode and integrated D+/D- switch.

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JEITA-Compliant, Li+ Charger with and USB Enumeration


A JEITA-compliant lithium-ion linear battery charger that operates from a USB port, a dedicated charger, or universal adapter. The IC provides automatic adapter-type detection and enumeration with a USB host or hub. Provides the simplest and smallest USB-compliant charging solution.

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Industry’s Lowest IQ Stand-Alone Fuel Gauge with Protector and SHA-256 Authentication


Provides highly accurate battery state-of-charge (SOC) and safe operation, while also preventing use of counterfeit battery packs.

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Industry's Lowest IQ Stand-Alone Multi-Cell Fuel Gauge with Protector and SHA-256 Authentication


2S-4S ModelGauge m5 EZ fuel gauge with protector, internal self-discharge detection, and SHA-256 authentication.

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Buck-Boost Charger for USB Type-C/Power Delivery Applications Reduces Solution Size by 50 Percent


Offers a wide input voltage range of 3.5V to 23V supporting USB-C PD. Enables 28W rapid charging of 2S Li+ batteries.

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High-Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator


The MAX77801 is a high-current, high-efficiency buck-boost targeted to mobile applications that use a Li-ion battery or similar chemistries. The MAX77801 utilizes a four-switch H-bridge configuration to support buck and boost operating modes. Buck-boost provides 2.60V to 4.1875V of output voltage range and up to 2A output current.

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Dual Input, Power Path, 3A Switching Mode Charger


High-performance companion PMIC with ModelGaugeTM m5 fuel gauge technology.

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Wearable Power Management Solution for Primary Cells


Wearable Power Management for Single-Cell Zinc Air, Silver Oxide, and Alkaline Battery Architectures

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Wearable Charge-Management Solution


Extends Battery Life of Wearable Electronics

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