As portable and wearable devices proliferate, the need for safe, secure, and effective battery management solutions is becoming increasingly important. Our broad portfolio of battery management solutions includes battery chargers, fuel gauges, identifiers, and authenticators and also battery monitors, protectors, and selectors. These solutions reduce cost, save space, and help to significantly extend the battery life of portable products while making them safer..

Battery Chargers

Maxim battery chargers have high efficiency, low heat and high integration in a small size which are ideal for portable devices. Get the latest battery charger specs here.

Battery Fuel Gauge - Gas Gauge

Accurate battery gauges are required for the best user experience and provide critical information about state-of-charge. Maxim's battery fuel gauges and gas gauges have been successfully used in over...

Battery Monitors, Protectors, & Selectors

Battery monitors provide battery safety. Battery protectors will limit damage to batteries. Learn more about how these can help!

Battery Authentication & Identification

Battery identification & battery authentication IC systems ensure product safety by enabling power only when a certified battery is detected.

USB-C Solutions

Maxim Integrated’s extensive portfolio of ICs for USB-C and USB-C power delivery designs includes chargers, converters, controllers, as well as power path and protection devices.

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Technical Documentation

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August 14, 2021

This blog discusses power outages and Maxim’s new solution for power backup in battery and line powered systems

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May 19, 2021

A combination of the ultra- low power Artificial Intelligence (AI) processor and pattern recognition models greatly enhances smart wake up by detecting one or more people in the field of view with minimum power.

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March 11, 2021

The annual Assistant Excellence Conference (AEC) provides professional development for Maxim global assistants and is produced by the Maxim assistant community.

Two Tools to Ease Inductor Selection

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Learn about two tools to help with power design and inductor selection: Maxim's EE-Sim Design Tool and Würth's REDEXPERT.

Slash Power Dissipation with Maxim’s Industrial Protected Low-Side Digital Output Solution

February 23, 2021

Greatly reduce power dissipation and shrink form factor with a highly robust integrated digital output solution, the MAX14919.

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January 13, 2021

This blog explores an application using a low power SIMO PMIC, the world’s smallest solution size and highest system efficiency, and the story behind it.

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December 10, 2020

What does "The Dawn of the Self-aware Machine" really mean? I am sure many are thinking of the human-like robots seen in the movies as a way to further replace people on the factory floor.

How iButton Devices Facilitate Electric Car Safety

October 29, 2020

Formula Student Germany competitors design fierce electric race cars. They’ve relied on Maxim Integrated’s iButton devices for electric car safety.

How Being Bold Brings Smart Automation Solutions

October 27, 2020

See how the industry’s first true software-configurable universal analog IO solution provides the flexibility to meet industrial automation challenges.

How Performance at the Edge Drives Smarter Manufacturing

October 26, 2020

Maxim Integrated’s Jeff DeAngelis explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted what’s needed for manufacturing lines to adapt to changing demands.

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Combines coulomb counting and voltage fuel gauging for highest SOC accuracy.