Maxim is a leading supplier of integrated circuits for power and battery management applications. We offer a wide range of power conversion and control ICs and our battery management products provide charging and monitoring functions. Our products are designed to meet the needs of various applications in industrial, communications, automotive, consumer and medical markets.


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Companion PMIC for Smartphone and Tablet

  • Highly Integrated Solution
  • Single High Efficient Switched Mode Charger
  • Single Input Accommodating Standard USB and High Input Voltage Adaptor

Evaluation Kit for the MAX17541G in 5V Output-Voltage Application

  • Operates from a 6V to 42V Input Supply
  • 5V Output Voltage
  • 500mA Output Current

42V, 500mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter

  • Reduces External Components and Total Cost
  • Reduces Number of DC-DC Regulators to Stock
  • Reduces Power Dissipation

Wearable Charge-Management Solution

  • Extend System Use Time Between Battery Charging
  • Easy-to-Implement Li+ Battery Charging
  • Minimize Solution Footprint Through High Integration

24V, 300mA, Buck Converter with 1.1μA IQ

  • Flexible Power for Systems That Require a Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Minimizes Power Consumption and Extends Battery Life
  • Minimizes Solution Size

Power-Management Solution

  • Extended System Battery Use Time
  • Extend Product Shelf-Life
  • Easy-to-Implement System Control

Power-Management Solution

  • Extended System Battery Use Time
  • Extend Product Shelf-Life
  • Easy-to-Implement System Control

Type ID Title
System Board6160MAXREFDES46#: 4-Channel Analog Input/Output
System Board5840Pasadena (MAXREFDES31#): 3.3V and 5V PoE Powered Device
System Board5815Palo Verde (MAXREFDES33#): Step-Down Converter
System Board5742Carmel (MAXREFDES18#): High Accuracy Analog Current/Voltage Output
System Board5721Fremont (MAXREFDES6#): 16-Bit, High-Accuracy, 0 to 100mV Input, Isolated Analog Front-End (AFE)
Evaluation Board5708Evaluating a PCI Express Hot-Plug Controller
Evaluation Board5707Evaluating a Quad Network Power-Sourcing Equipment (PSE) Controller
Evaluation Board5706Evaluating a Power-over-Ethernet IEEE 802.3af-Compliant Power-Sourcing Equipment Controller
Evaluation Board5675Evaluating a 12V PWM Hot-Swap Controller
System Board5672Fit 1 Vital Signs Monitoring Shirt
System Board5611Corona (MAXREFDES12#): Isolated Industrial Octal Digital Input Translator/Serializer
System Board5563Fresno (MAXREFDES11#): 16-Bit High-Accuracy 0 to 10V Input Isolated Analog Front End (AFE)
System Board5562Campbell (MAXREFDES4#): 16-Bit High-Accuracy 4-20mA Input Isolated Analog Front End (AFE)
System Board5561Santa Fe (MAXREFDES5#): 16-Bit High Accuracy Multi-Input Isolated Analog Front End (AFE)
System Board5512Riverside (MAXREFDES8#): 3.3V Input, 12V (15V) Output Isolated Power Supply
System Board5510Lakewood (MAXREFDES7#): 3.3V Input, ±12V (±15V) Output Isolated Power Supply
System Board5509Oceanside (MAXREFDES9#): 3.3V to 15V Input, ±15V (±12V) Output, Isolated Power Supply
Reference Circuit5223Designing a Temperature-Based Heating System for an Automotive Engine Preheater
Reference Circuit478Current-Limit Circuit for the Buck Regulator
Reference Circuit4389Supply-Chopped Dimming Control Boosts LED Driver Efficiency and Keeps Inrush Currents to a Minimum
Reference Circuit4387Offline LED Driver Reference Design
Reference Circuit4385Reference Design for a Signal-Lamp LED Driver
Reference Circuit4383SEPIC Backlight LED Driver
Reference Circuit4374Power Supply and Accurate Current Monitor for Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Biasing Applications
Reference Circuit43696A RGB LED Driver Reference Design for a Portable Projector
Reference Circuit4365Reference Design Using the MAX15026 for an Auxiliary Power Supply for LCD TVs or Set-Top Boxes
Reference Circuit4364Ultra-Low Quiescent-Current Linear Regulator for Automotive Air Bags
Reference Circuit4363Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Reference Design for Automotive Applications
Reference Circuit4361Reference Design Ensures Dynamic Output Voltages for a Print-Head Power Supply
Reference Circuit4163Telecom Hot-Swap Reference Design Is Immune to Overvoltage and Brownout Input Transients
Reference Circuit4161PoE+ Circuit Delivers 13W to 70W for Powered Devices (PDs)
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Analog Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs Product Guide
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Mobile Power Product Guide
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Analog Solutions For Altera Product Guide
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In the Lab: Bluetooth Control of Power-over-Ethernet Lighting
2:20 min
March 2015