Development Platform

Arm Cortex-M4F Development Platform Optimized for Bluetooth®-Based Battery-Powered Devices


Mbed-enabled development platform for the MAX32630 ultra-low-power microcontroller. On-board PMIC, Bluetooth, and peripherals enable rapid development with a small 0.9in x 2.0in board.

Arm Cortex-M4F Development Platform with Expansion Connectors for Battery-Powered Devices


Mbed-enabled development platform for the MAX32620 ultra-low-power microcontroller. On-board PMIC, fuel gauge, peripherals, and Pmod™ connectors enable rapid development with a small 0.9in x 2.0in board.

Secure Authentication Design with 1-Wire ECDSA and Xilinx Zynq SoC


Protects IP and authenticates peripherals to Xilinx Zynq™ FPGAs.

Health Sensor Platform


mbed-enabled sensor platform for rapid evaluation of wearable health and fitness solutions. Measures motion, temperature, biopotential, pulse oximetry, and heart rate.

Pmod Adapter for Arduino Platform


Arduino to Pmod shield with integrated level-shifting and pin-multiplexing.

Full-Bridge DC Motor Driver Mbed Shield


Mbed-compatible, Arduino form-factor shield for brushed DC motor applications. Drives up to 4 motors with current regulation while operating from a single 7V to 36V power supply.

DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT Authenticated Sensing and Notification


Demonstrates an authenticated data chain from a protected sensor node to a web server.

16-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Peripheral Module


Interfaces the MAX11205 ultra-low-power, 16-bit ADC to any system that utilizes Pmod-compatible expansion ports configurable for GPIO interface.

Building Automation Shield


Arduino form-factor, Mbed™-enabled shield, includes 0VDC-10VDC analog outputs, 4–20mA input/output, latching/nonlatching relays, RTC, and 1–Wire master.

MAX44000PMB1: Peripheral Module

Microsoft Word - MAX44000PMB1-quick-start_gs2.docx,MAX44000PMB1

Ambient and Infrared Proximity Sensor Peripheral Module

Display Driver Shield


Arduino form-factor shield daisy-chains four MAX7219 LED drivers to drive a 16x16 LED array for signage applications.

1-Wire Grid-Eye Sensor


Sensing solution featuring the Panasonic AMG8833 Grid-EYE® and the Maxim 1-Wire® bus, enabled by the DS28E17.

1-Wire Shield


A platform for interfacing with 1-Wire® devices, 1-Wire evaluation kits (EV kits), and iButton® devices.

DeepCover Secure Authenticator Demonstration Kit


Hardware/software platform that demonstrates the functional capabilities of Maxim's Secure Authenticators in genuine use-case scenarios.

Analog-Rich Arm Cortex-M3 Development Platform


Mbed™-enabled evaluation system for the MAX32600 ultra-low-power micro with advanced analog features and hardware security. Arduino connectors and prototyping space enable rapid development.

Smart Force Sensor


Industrial sensor displays weight and center of mass for objects placed on the platform, up to 780g.

Wearable, Galvanic Skin Response System


GSR measurement detects human skin impedance under different situations.

DeepCover Embedded Security in an IoT: Public-Key Secured Data Paths


Secures IoT systems with a public-key-based authenticated data chain from a protected sensor node to a web server.

24-Bit Weigh Scale


High-accuracy weigh scale reference design performs small-signal 24-bit measurements, and produces a weighted 0 to 10V output proportional to the input signal.

High-Precision, Long-Battery Life Heat/Flow Meter


Low-power, ultrasonic time-of-flight reference design for high-accuracy liquid flow measurement.

4–20mA 2-Wire Current-Loop Sensor


Ultra-low power, high-accuracy loop-powered sensor transmitter that connects to any standard PT1000 resistance sensor and converts the linearized temperature to a 4–20mA current signal.

4–20mA Loop-Powered Temperature Sensor with Hart


2-wire, loop-powered smart temperature transmitter solution for temperature measurement. Works with any type of RTD, from PT100 to PT1000.

ECT/EPT Current Fault Sensor


High-accuracy analog front-end for ECT/EPT low-power sensors to increase precision of grid health data and fault location.

Universal Input Micro PLC


Universal analog input accepts analog voltage and current, all RTD configurations and thermocouples to collect high-accuracy analog data using a single architecture.

Pocket IO™ PLC Development Platform


Integrates 30 industrial IOs for lower heat dissipation and faster throughput in less than ten cubic inches.

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