A New Breed of MCU, Built for the Evolving IoT

Smarter, leaner, tougher. DARWIN is ready for what’s next.

DARWIN MCUs are built to run any application you can imagine—in places where you wouldn’t dream of sending other MCUs. They’re as smart as they are power efficient, combining the biggest embedded memories in their class with Maxim’s wearable-grade power technology. Now you can design smarter IoT products, without running out of code space or battery life. And with the most advanced cybersecurity ever, you’ll be ready for anything you encounter.

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An Evolutionary Leap in Ultra-Low-Power Processors

Wearable-grade power technology lets you do more with smaller batteries.
Biggest embedded memories in class enable you to build smarter products.
Massively scalable memory architecture means you’re ready for what’s next.
World’s most advanced embedded security protects your customers and your brand.

When you marry DARWIN MCUs with the nanoPower family of products, you'll get designs with the longest battery life and the smallest form factors. Our nanoPower products provide DC-DC conversion, signal conditioning, and supervisory functions—in tiny sizes, with high efficiency and minimal power consumption. With their low quiescent current, nanoPower ICs show why it’s smart to lower your IQ. Together, DARWIN and nanoPower use energy responsibly, so your battery doesn’t have to work any harder than it needs to.

Meet the DARWIN Family of Products

Featured Parts

MAX32660 Ultra-Small, 256KB Flash, 96KB SRAM Learn more
MAX32620, MAX32621 2MB Flash, 256KB SRAM Learn more
MAX32625, MAX32626 512KB Flash, 160KB SRAM Learn more
MAX32630, MAX32631 2MB Flash, 512KB SRAM Learn more

Get Started Today with a DARWIN Development Board

Ultra Compact Development Board Fits in the Tightest Spaces, Reduces Power


Power-optimized Arm® Cortex®-M4F. On-board PMIC provides all necessary voltages. Ultra-compact 0.6in x 1.0in dual-row header footprint.

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Arm Cortex-M4F Development Platform with Expansion Connectors for Battery-Powered Devices


Mbed-enabled development platform for the MAX32620 ultra-low-power microcontroller. On-board PMIC, fuel gauge, peripherals, and Pmod™ connectors enable rapid development with a small 0.9in x 2.0in board.

Arm Cortex-M4F Development Platform Optimized for Bluetooth®-Based Battery-Powered Devices


Mbed-enabled development platform for the MAX32630 ultra-low-power microcontroller. On-board PMIC, Bluetooth, and peripherals enable rapid development with a small 0.9in x 2.0in board.

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Health Sensor Platform


mbed-enabled sensor platform for rapid evaluation of wearable health and fitness solutions. Measures motion, temperature, biopotential, pulse oximetry, and heart rate.

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