Evaluation Kit for the DeepCover Secure Microcontroller (MAXQ1850)

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DeepCover® embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the most secure key storage possible.

The evaluation kit (EV kit) for the DeepCover Secure Microcontroller (MAXQ1850) is a proven platform to conveniently evaluate the capabilities of the MAXQ1850. The kit contains the MAXQ1850 EV kit board, which has two smart card sockets, a PIN pad, and all the communication connectors needed to develop a financial terminal design. With the software and a MAXQ® USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire Adapter board, the EV kit also provides a complete, functional system ideal for software development and debugging of applications targeted for the MAXQ1850 processor.

Key Features

  • Easily Load and Debug Code with the Supplied MAXQ USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire Adapter Board
  • JTAG Interface Provides In-Application Debugging Features
    • Step-by-Step Execution Tracing
    • Breakpointing by Code Address, Data Memory Address, or Register Access
    • Data Memory or Register Content View and Edit
  • Includes Two-Line by 20-Character LCD Module for Rapid Product Development and Debugging
  • Single 5V Power-Supply Input and On-Board 3.3V Voltage Regulators
  • 4x4 Keypad Matrix
  • Self-Destruct Inputs Available on Headers for Connecting to External Trigger Circuits
  • Battery for Memory Backup and Real-Time Clock Operation
  • Level-Shifted RS-232 Interface Included for Serial Port
  • Test/Expansion Headers
  • Two Smart Card Sockets (One Full-Size Socket and One SIM Socket) for Prototyping IC Card


  • ATM Keyboards
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Electronic Signature Generator
  • EMV® Banking
  • Pay-per-Play
  • PCI Terminals
  • PIN Pads
  • Secure Access Control
  • Secure Data Storage
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