MAX32630FTHR Application Platform

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The MAX32630FTHR board is a rapid development platform designed to help engineers quickly implement battery optimized solutions with the MAX32630 ARM® Cortex®-M4F microcontroller. The board also includes the MAX14690 wearable PMIC to provide optimal power conversion and battery management. The form factor is a small 0.9in by 2.0in dual row header footprint that is compatible with breadboards and off-the shelf peripheral expansion boards. Additionally, on board are a variety of peripherals including a dual-mode Bluetooth® module, micro SD card connector, 6-axis accelerometer/ gyro, RGB indicator LED, and pushbutton. This provides a power-optimized flexible platform for quick proof-of-concepts and early software development to enhance time to market.

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Key Features

  • MAX32630 Microcontroller
    • ARM Cortex-M4F, 96MHz
    • 2048KB Flash Memory
    • 512KB SRAM
    • 8KB Instruction Cache
    • Full-Speed USB 2.0
    • Three SPI Masters, One Slave
    • Three I2C Masters, One Slave
    • Four UARTS
    • 1-Wire Master
    • 66 GPIO
    • 4 Input 10-Bit ADC
  • MAX14690 Wearable PMIC
    • Battery Charger with Smart Selector
    • Dual Micro IQ Buck Regulators
    • Three Micro IQ Linear Regulators
    • Power-On/Off Sequencing Controller
    • Voltage Monitor Multiplexer
  • Expansion Connections
    • Breadboard-Compatible Headers
    • Micro SD Card Connector
    • Battery Connector
    • Micro USB Connector
  • Integrated Peripherals
    • RGB Indicator LED
    • 6-Axis Accelerometer/Gyro
    • Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module
    • User Pushbutton
  • mbed® HDK Debug Interface
    • Drag-and-Drop Programming
    • SWD Debugger
    • Virtual UART Console


  • Fitness Monitors
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Sensor Hubs
  • Sports Watches
  • Wearable Medical Patches

Technical Documents

App Note 6556 How to Interface the MAX30003WING ECG AFE with the MAX32630FTHR
App Note 6555 How to Interface the MAX11301WING PIXI 20-Port, Mixed-Signal I/O with the MAX32630FTHR

Additional Resources

Included in Your Order

  • MAX32630FTHR# circuit board
  • MAX32625PICO circuit board (DAPLink programmer)
  • Quick reference post card for the MAX32630FTHR#
  • 10-pin ribbon cable for joining the two circuit boards
  • Micro USB cable 3ft

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