Evaluation Kit for the DS89C450

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The DS89C450 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a proven platform to conveniently evaluate the capabilities of the ultra-high-speed flash microcontroller family. The kit contains the DS89C450 in a DIP-40 socket, 128kB of SRAM mapped through a preprogrammed CPLD, a power-supply regulator, two DB9 serial connectors, and switches and LEDs to control and display board operation. With the addition of a power supply and an RS-232 cable connected to a personal computer, the EV kit provides a completely functional system ideal for application development and debug.

The DS89C450 EV kit can also be used as a programming and development platform for the DS5000(T). Quick-start instructions and sample programs for the DS5000(T) can be obtained from the DS5000 directory on the software tool disk, or from Maxim technical support at https://support.maximintegrated.com/micro.

Key Features

  • Easily Load Code Using Bootstrap Loader and Serial 0 Port (DB9, J2)
  • Two DB9 RS-232 Serial Connectors
  • DB9 Serial Cable
  • Two Internal Serial Ports
  • On-Board Power Supply Regulator
  • 128kB of On-Board Program + Data RAM
  • Preprogrammed Xilinx CPLD Handles Address Multiplexing and RAM Mapping
  • LED Display of Port 0 Levels
  • Pushbutton Switches for Reset and Interrupt Generation
  • Prototyping Area
  • Board Schematics Included to Provide a Convenient Reference Design


  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Building Energy Control and Management
  • Building Security and Door Access Control
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Data Logging
  • Gaming Equipment
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Control and Automation
  • Magstripe Reader/Scanner
  • Motor Control
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Telephones
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Vending
  • White Goods (Washers, Microwaves, Etc.)
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