Our low power and secure microcontrollers provide the cornerstone for building robust devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) age. Low power operation helps maximize battery life, small footprints enable ubiquitous use, and best-in-class security protects your investment.

Low-Power Microcontrollers
• Industry Standard ARM Cortex Cores
• Ultra-Efficient Power Management for Battery Powered Applications
• Scalable product families with large onboard Flash and SRAM

Secure Microcontrollers
• Industry Standard ARM Cortex Cores
• Advanced cryptographic engines
• Physical tamper detection and reaction
• PCI and FIPS 140 compliant

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Micro Development Boards

Compact Development Board to Build Small, Power-Optimized IoT Applications


Power-optimized Arm Cortex-M4F. Optimal peripheral mix provides platform scalability. On-board Bluetooth 4.0 BLE transceiver with chip antenna.

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Development Platform for the Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller for Wearables


Power-optimized Arm® Cortex®-M4F. Optimal Peripheral Mix Provides Platform Scalability. On-Board Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE Transceiver with Chip Antenna.

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Cryptographic Controller for Embedded Devices Development Platform

MAXQ1061 Evaluation Kit - Evaluates: MAXQ1061

Credit card-sized socketed board allows for communication and power through a 10-pin connector to an optional host adapter.

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