Signal Integrity

Maxim's portfolio of signal integrity solutions provides protocol-specific redrivers and equalizers to overcome PCB and cable losses for enhanced link performance and system reliability.

Redrivers and Equalizers by Standard
PCIe®: 2.5Gbps/5Gbps/8Gbps
SATA: 1.5Gbps/3Gbps/6Gbps
SAS: 3Gbps/6Gbps
Ethernet: 10.3Gbps 5Gbps 2.5Gbps 1.25Gbps
Fibre Channel: 8.5Gbps 4.25Gbps 2.125Gbps 1.0625Gbps
Four-Channel Interface: 10Gbase-CX4 6.25Gbps XAUI 3.125Gbps XAUI
InfiniBand: 5Gbps DDR 2.5Gbps
SONET/SDH: 9.952Gbps 4.976Gpbs 2.488Gbps  

Equalizers for Circuit Boards and Cables

MAX3787 MAX3787 MAX3785 MAX3785 MAX3982 MAX3982 MAX3804 MAX3804 MAX3983 MAX3983 MAX3984 MAX3984 MAX3986 MAX3986 MAX3803 MAX3803 MAX3980 MAX3980 MAX3800 MAX3800 MAX3801 MAX3801 MAX3802 MAX3802 MAX3784/A Equalizers for Circuit Boards and Cables