9-Bit/12-Bit Temperature Sensors with I²C-Compatible Serial Interface in a SOT23

9-Bit and 12-Bit Temperature Sensing in A 6-Lead SOT

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The MAX6625/MAX6626 combine a temperature sensor, a programmable overtemperature alarm, and an I²C-compatible serial interface into single compact packages. They convert their die temperatures into digital values using internal analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The result of the conversion is held in a temperature register, readable at any time through the serial interface. A dedicated alarm output, OT, activates if the conversion result exceeds the value programmed in the high-temperature register. A programmable fault queue sets the number of faults that must occur before the alarm activates, preventing spurious alarms in noisy environments. OT has programmable output polarity and operating modes.

The MAX6625/MAX6626 feature a shutdown mode that saves power by turning off everything but the power-on reset and the I²C-compatible interface. Four separate addresses can be configured with the ADD pin, allowing up to four MAX6625/MAX6626 devices to be placed on the same bus. The MAX6625P/MAX6626P OT outputs are open drain, and the MAX6625R/MAX6626R OT outputs include internal pullup resistors.

The MAX6625 has a 9-bit internal ADC and can function as a replacement for the LM75 in most applications. The MAX6626 has a 12-bit internal ADC. Both devices come in the space-saving 6-pin SOT23 package, or the 6-pin TDFN package.
MAX6625, MAX6626: Functional Diagram MAX6625, MAX6626: Functional Diagram Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 9-Bit Temperature-to-Digital Converter (MAX6625)
  • 12-Bit Temperature-to-Digital Converter (MAX6626)
  • I²C-Compatible Serial Interface
  • Up to Four Devices on a Single Bus
  • Versatile Alarm Output with Programmable Trip Temperature and Hysteresis
  • Low-Power Shutdown Mode
  • Space-Saving TDFN or SOT23 Packages
  • Lead-Free Version Available (TDFN Package)


  • Fan Control
  • Industrial Equipment
  • System Temperature Control
  • Temperature Alarms

See parametric specs for Temperature Sensors (113)

Part NumberSensor TypeAlarm OutputInterface#ChannelsAccuracy
Parasite Pwr.Temp. Thresh.Temp. Resolution
Multi DroppableOper. Temp.
(See Notes)
MAX6625 LocalOvert2-Wire/I2C/SMBusOne3NoProgrammable9Yes-40 to +125
$1.17 @1k
MAX6626 12-55 to +125
$1.22 @1k

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