Isolated Gate Drivers

Ultra-High CMTI Isolated Gate Drivers with Best Propagation Delay Matching

Isolated gate drivers enable low-voltage microcontrollers to safely switch high-voltage power transistors on and off. Safe switching of high-speed Silicon-carbide (SiC) and Gallium-Nitride (GaN) transistors places an extra requirement on isolated gate driver ICs: high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI). Our isolated gate driver ICs have the highest level of CMTI, 300kV/µs (typical), and are designed to increase the robustness and efficiency of inverter and motor control applications that use these transistor technologies.

Compared to incumbent MOSFET and IGBT technologies, SiC and GaN materials allow the use of smaller and lighter components, reducing cost and energy consumption in applications ranging from automobiles to solar cell inverters. Three output options (GNDB, Miller Clamp, or Adjustable UVLO) support a wide range of applications.

Key features include:

  • Integrated digital galvanic isolation, based on our proprietary process technology, for a withstand voltage rating of 3kVRMS for 60 seconds increases safety.
  • Highest propagation delay matching (5ns, max) reduces dead time to increase efficiency.
  • Adjustable UVLO allows for cooler operation of power transistors, improving reliability.

Product Table

Isolated Gate Drivers Product Table

CMTI (typ) (kv/µs) Propagation Delay Matching Part-to-Part* Propagation Delay* Isolation Voltage (VRMS) Gate Driver Common Pin UVLO V Buy Sample EV Kit
MAX22701E 300 2ns 35ns 3000 Adjustable Adjustable BUY Sample BUY
MAX22702E 300 2ns 35ns 3000 Miller Clamp 13V BUY Sample BUY  

*Room Temperature

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Isolated Gate Drivers Featured Products

Ultra-High CMTI Isolated Gate Driver


Features single-ended input with Miller clamp output.

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Development Board

Isolated Gate Drivers Development Board

Ultra-High CMTI Isolated Gate Drivers Evaluation Kit


Includes two identical ICs for measurement of part-to-part propagation delay matching.

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Design Resources

Isolated Gate Drivers Design Resources

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