MAX14850PMB1 Peripheral Module

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The MAX14850PMB1 peripheral module utilizes the MAX14850 digital isolator to isolate another SPI- or UART-based module from any host system that utilizes Pmod™-compatible expansion ports configurable for either a UART or SPI interface. This peripheral module is first plugged into the host Pmod port. Another UART- or SPI-based module plugged into the 12-pin Pmod-compatible connector on this peripheral module is galvanically isolated from the host and referenced to a secondary power supply connected to this peripheral module.

The IC is a 6-channel digital isolator utilizing Maxim's proprietary process technology, whose monolithic design provides a compact and low-cost transfer of digital signals between circuits with different power domains. Of the six total channels, the four unidirectional channels are each capable of DC to 50Mbps, with two of the four channels passing data across the isolation barrier in each direction. The two bidirectional channels are open drain and each is capable of data rates from DC to 2Mbps.

Refer to the MAX14850 IC data sheet for detailed information regarding operation of the IC.

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Key Features

  • Isolates SPI- or UART-Based Pmod-Compatible Modules from the Host System
  • Data Rates from 2Mbps to 20Mbps or Greater, Depending on Configuration
  • 2-Pin Header to Connect External Voltage for Isolated Module
  • 600VRMS Isolation for 60s
  • Isolates Four SPI or UART Signals and Two Control Signals
  • Short-Circuit Protection on Unidirectional Outputs
  • 12-Pin Pmod-Compatible Male Connector to Host
  • 12-Pin Pmod-Compatible Female Connection for Module to be Isolated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Isolated Data Acquisition Systems
  • Isolated RS-232, RS-485/RS-422
  • Medical Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems

Technical Documents

User Guide 5483 Analog Essentials Getting Started Guide for Zedboard
Brochure 5468 Maxim Analog Essentials Collection
User Guide 5466 Analog Essentials Getting Started Guide for LX9 and Nexys3

Quality and Environmental Data

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