Isolation ICs (also called isolator ICs) provide complete galvanic isolation between two power domains. Isolation ICs protect circuits from high common-mode transients and faults and eliminate ground loops. Isolation ICs are commonly used in industrial communications and medical applications.

Digital Signal Isolators

Our digital signal isolator products provide up to 5kV of isolation and support data rates up to 200Mbps. Digital isolators are replacing optocouplers in many applications because they offer the same isolation capability while reducing power requirements and using less board space. Products are available for use with many industry communication standards.

When used with Maxim's industrial digital input level translator and serializers, these digital isolators provide a complete digital input solution that saves design space increases reliability, and reduces power requirements.

All Digital Signal Isolators 

Isolated Transceivers

Maxim's isolated transceivers provide protocol-specific galvanic isolation to meet the needs of the application.

Isolated RS-232 Transceivers
Isolated RS-485/422 Transceivers
Controller Area Network Transceivers

Isolated ADC

MAX14001: Configurable, Isolated 10-bit ADCs for Multi-Range Binary Inputs

Isolated Gate Drivers

Ultra-High CMTI Isolated Gate Drivers

Looking for an isolated power solution? Visit our Isolated Power page.


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