IO-Link Reference Designs

Accelerate development of IO-Link® master systems and IO-Link sensors with our IO-Link Reference Designs. IO-Link is the first open, field bus agnostic, low-cost, point-to-point serial communication protocol for sensors and actuators that has been adopted as an international standard (IEC 61131-9).

IO-Link Master Development Platforms

These cost-effective systems enable both experienced and new developers of IO-Link products to speed time to market. The complete system designs, including software stack from TEConcept, will significantly reduce your development effort and cost.

Four-Channel IO-Link Master Reference Design
Includes 2 dual-channel IO-Link master transceivers, digital isolator, microcontroller and USB connection.

This fully IO-Link-compliant IO-Link master uses the TMG TE IO-Link stack and acts as a development system for IO-Link sensors/actuators. Four IO-Link ports allow simultaneous testing of up to four sensors or actuators. An AC-to-DC (24VDC/1A) power supply provides at least 250mA to each port. A USB 2.0 Type B connector allows quick connectivity to a Windows®PC.

Four-Channel IO-Link Master: MAXREFDES165 ›

8-Port IO-Link Master Reference Design
This fully IO-Link-compliant system is both an IO-Link master reference design and an IO-Link sensor/actuator development and test system. Eight IO-Link ports allow for simultaneous testing of up to eight different sensors or actuators. The easy-to-use TEConcept GUI software with IODD file import capability makes this system a must-have for development of IO-Link products.

8-Channel IO-Link Master: MAXREFDES145 ›

4-Port IO-Link Master Reference Design
This fully IO-Link-compliant system uses TEConcept's IO-Link master stack and is both an IO-Link master reference design and an IO-Link sensor/actuator development and test system. Four IO-Link ports allow for simultaneous testing of four different sensors or actuators.

Quad IO-Link Master: MAXREFDES79 ›

IO-Link Sensor Reference Designs

The IO-Link communication protocol allows these smart sensors to work with any IO-Link master. Connect any or all of our IO-Link sensor designs to our IO-Link master reference design, to quickly and easily simulate factory operation.

Industrial Magnetic Sensor Reference Design
This ultra-small (15mm x 10mm) magnetic sensor design uses an integrated digital magnetic sensor and an industrial sensor output. A robust, industry-standard M12 connector provides a simple connection of the binary sensor to any IO-Link master.

Industrial Magnetic Sensor: MAXREFDES163 ›

IO-Link Light Sensor Reference Design
Our IO-Link light sensor design integrates six different sensors on one tiny (6.5mm x 25mm) board. The compact design includes ambient light, red, green, blue, infrared, and temperature sensing along with an ultra-low power microcontroller and full software stack.

IO-Link Light Sensor: MAXREFDES23 ›

IO-Link Optical Proximity Sensor Reference Design
Our tiny IO-Link proximity sensor design consumes minimal power, space, and cost, making it an excellent solution for industrial control and automation applications. The module includes an IR LED driver, IR receiver, and energy-efficient step-down converter all on a single 8.2mm x 31.5mm board. The complete IO-link software stack gets you up and running quickly.

IO-Link Optical Proximity Sensor: MAXREFDES27 ›

IO-Link RTD Temp Sensor Reference Design
Our IO-Link RTD temperature sensor design features an integrated RTD-to-digital converter to provide accurate temperature sensing for industrial applications. Robust protection on the IO-Link and RTD interfaces increases uptime, and the efficient power supply reduces energy consumption. An IO-Link device transceiver and a complete IO-Link software stack make this a rugged solution to enable quick time to market with robust performance.

IO-Link RTD Temp Sensor: MAXREFDES42 ›

IO-Link Communications and Control Reference Designs

These additional IO-link designs support industrial communications and actuators, and can be connected directly to the IO-Link master.

IO-Link Digital Input Hub Reference Design
The IO-Link 16-channel digital input hub allows your industrial I/O interface to be located close to the field sensors, which simplifies digital input management and significantly reduces cabling. This small, low-power reference design is ready to connect directly to an IO-Link master.

IO-Link Digital Input Hub: MAXREFDES36 ›

IO-Link Quad Servo Driver Reference Design
This IO-Link servo driver actuator can replace a traditional pneumatic actuator, eliminating many of the disadvantages of using compressed airlines. Pre-programmed and ready to connect to an IO-Link master, this design provides 5V power, four PWM outputs and four digital inputs allowing you to simultaneous control up to four 5V servo motors.

IO-Link Quad Servo Driver: MAXREFDES37 ›


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