Industrial I/O Evaluation Boards and Peripheral Modules (Pmod™) help you quickly and easily develop prototypes with our Industrial I/O ICs. Evaluation boards exercise the main features of each device and are usually suitable for transient immunity testing. Pmods are small I/O interface boards that communicate with system boards using 6- or 12-pin connectors. They typically allow evaluation of a device’s features but are not suitable for transient immunity testing.

For easy, low-cost testing our Pmod boards can be connected to the USB port of a laptop using separate adapter boards (USB2PMB1, USB2PMB2, and USB2GPIO). Communication is through the free Munich GUI software. Alternatively, any microcontroller or FPGA with a 12-pin Pmod-compatible connector can be used. Another option is to wire-wrap a temporary connection from the system to the pins on the Pmod connector. For the latter two options, control software must be developed by the user.

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Pmod Boards

Board Number Description Featured ICs Order
MAX14906PMB Quad-Channel Industrial Digital Output, Digital Input MAX14906 Buy Now
MAX14912PMB Octal Industrial Digital Output Peripheral Module (24V Supply) MAX14912 Buy Now
MAX14914PMB Single-Channel Industrial Digital IO Peripheral Module MAX14914 Buy Now
MAX22007PMB Four-Channel 12-Bit Configurable Analog Output with Integrated Voltage Reference MAX22007 Buy Now
MAX22005PMB 12-Channel Factory-Calibrated Configurable Industrial-Analog Input MAX22005 Buy Now
MAX22190PMB Octal Industrial Digital Input with Diagnostics Peripheral Module MAX22190 Buy Now
MAX22191PMB Parasitically Powered Single-Channel Digital Input Peripheral Module MAX22191 Buy Now
MAX14001PMB Dual Isolated ADC Peripheral Module (measures 120V to 240V AC voltage and current) MAX14001 Buy Now

Adapter Boards

Board Number Description Featured ICs Order
USB2PMB1 USB Adapter - SPI pinout   Buy Now
USB2PMB2 USB Adapter - SPI/I2C pinout   Buy Now
USB2GPIO USB Adapter - SPI/I2C with extra 16 GPIOs (second connector)   Buy Now
USB2GPIOISO Isolator Board for Optional Use with USB2GPIO MAX14483 Buy Now

Additional Information on Maxim’s industrial digital and analog I/O products can be found at: Industrial I/O