Factories are expanding to enable Industry 4.0, buildings are getting smarter, and robotics are continually evolving. Such wide spread innovation drives designers in various industries to optimize and enhance their products. Our industrial digital and analog I/O IC portfolio provide the highest levels of robustness on the market with the highest integration and software configurability for a more flexible solution.

High-voltage industrial digital input (DI) and digital output (DO) signals (also called binary signals), typically range in magnitude from 0 to 24V. Digital I/O signals are used by industrial automation and control equipment, operating in harsh and noisy environments, to communicate on/off status between remote devices and controllers. Our industrial digital I/O ICs perform voltage level translation while providing circuit protection. Many also perform data serialization to allow economical operation through digital signal isolators.

Analog I/O signals are used in both factory and build automation to enable smarter sensing and push intelligence at the edge. Our best in class analog input (AI), analog output (AO) and configurable analog input/output (CIO) ICs provide the highest levels of system accuracy in the market with per-channel software configurability. Factory calibration and robust integrated protection reduce overall system cost and size. Innovative designs decrease power consumption allowing operation of more channels without derating for ambient temperature.

Key Benefits:

  • Most robust solutions on the market with the highest integration.
  • Software configurability provides flexibility and reduces end product SKUs.
  • Fast time-to-market with the best support in the industry.

Digital Inputs

Industrial digital input (DI) ICs interface between high-voltage signals from sensors on the fac...

Digital Outputs

Industrial digital output (DO) ICs are used for high-speed switching of high-voltage output sign...

Digital In/Out

Digital I/O devices allow a controller to configure a channel electronically as either a digital...

Analog I/O

Analog I/O devices enable communication over long distances for sensors on the factory floor or ...


Industrial Digital IO Evaluation Boards and Peripheral Modules

Peripheral module boards (PMBs) provide an easy way to evaluate our digital IO devices.

PMB Key Features

  • Powered from a Single 3.0V to 5.5V Logic Supply, Without the Need for a 24V Field Supply
  • Configured for IEC 61131-2 Type 1 and Type 3 Sensor Inputs
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Works with USB2PMB2# or USB2GPIO# Adapter and Munich GUI Software

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Featured Products

Device Type Device Evaluated Device Description Evaluation Kit Peripheral Module Board
Digital Input MAX22190 8-Channel Industrial Digital Input with Diagnostics MAX22190EVKIT MAX22190PMB
Digital Input MAX22191 Single-Channel Parasitically Powered Digital Input MAX22191EVKIT MAX22191PMB
Digital Input MAX22192 Octal Industrial Digital Input with Diagnostics and Digital Isolation MAX22192EVKIT  
Digital Input MAX22195 High-Speed, Octal, Industrial Digital Input with Parallel Output MAX22195EVKIT  
Digital Output MAX14912 8-Channel High-Speed, Digital Output Driver MAX14912EVKIT MAX14912PMB
Digital IO MAX14914 Single-Channel Driver, Configurable as DI or DO


Digital IO MAX14906 Quad-Channel Driver, Configurable as DI or DO


Digital Output MAX14915

8-Channel Industrial Digital Outputs with Diagnostics

Digital Output MAX14916 8-Channel 1A/4-Channel 2A Industrial Digital Outputs with Diagnostics MAX14916EVKIT  
Digital Output MAX14917 8-Channel Industrial Digital High-Side Switch MAX14917EVKIT  
Analog I/O MAX22000 Industrial Configurable Analog I/O MAX22000EVKIT  
Analog Output MAX22007 Quad Configurable 12-bit Factory Calibrated Analog Output MAX22007EVKIT  
Companion Board Device Evaluated Description Board Number
Adapter Board - Low-cost, easy-to-use USB-to-I2C/SPI/GPIO interface adapter board USB2GPIO
Isolation Board MAX14483 Provide isolation between the USB adapter board and any peripheral module board USB2GPIOISO

Reference Designs

EE-Sim® Design Tool

Product Image


Fully IEC61131-2-compliant octal digital input with wire-break detection, integrated diagnostics...
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The only fully software-configurable DIO push-pull, fast, and surge protection product with Safe...
Product Image


Octal HS or push-pull, SafeDemag surge protection with integrated diagnostics and LED matrix.