Industrial Digital I/O Interface ICs

High-voltage industrial digital input (DI) and digital output (DO) signals, also called binary signals, are control signals that range in magnitude from 0 to 24V. Digital I/O signals are used in industrial control equipment to communicate on/off status between remote devices and controllers in relatively noisy industrial environments.

Our industrial digital I/O ICs perform voltage level translation while providing circuit protection. Many also perform serialization to allow economical operation through digital signal isolators.

Design Solution Digital I/O Drivers Ebrief

Digital Input ICs

Industrial digital input (DI) ICs provide the interface between high-voltage signals (from binary sensors) and lower voltages found in industrial control equipment such as PLCs. Our IEC61131-2-compliant digital input interface devices offer the smallest solution size, the lowest power dissipation, and the most robust operation with 1kV of surge protection and integrated diagnostics. Our parasitically powered digital input IC reduces power dissipation by up to 60 percent and does not require a discrete isolated power supply.

Industrial Octal Digital Inputs 
Parasitically Powered Digital Inputs 
Isolated ADC 
All Digital Input Level Translators/Serializers 

Digital Output Driver ICs

Industrial digital output (DO) ICs provide high-speed switching of high-voltage output signals for use in industrial control applications. Our digital output drivers feature very low on-resistance to reduce power dissipation and increase channel density, integrated surge protection, diagnostics, and safe demagnetization to safely handle inductive loads. For maximum flexibility, they can be configured in either serial (SPI) or parallel modes with outputs as either high-side switches or push-pull drivers.

Digital Output Drivers 

Industrial Digital IO Peripheral Module Boards

Peripheral module boards (PMBs) provide an easy way to evaluate our digital IO devices.

PMB Key Features

  • Powered from a Single 3.0-5.5V Logic Supply, Without the Need for a 24V Field Supply
  • Configured for IEC 61131-2 Type 1 and Type 3 Sensor Inputs
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Work with USB2PMB2# or USB2GPIO# Adapter and Munich GUI Software
Device Type Device Evaluated Device Description Peripheral Module Board
Digital Input MAX22190 8-Channel Industrial Digital Input with Diagnostics MAX22190PMB
Digital Input MAX22191 Single-Channel Parasitically Powered Digital Input MAX22191PMB
Digital Output MAX14912 8-Channel High-Speed, Digital Output Driver MAX14912PMB
Digital IO MAX14914 Single-Channel Driver, Configurable as DI or DO MAX14914PMB
Binary Input MAX14001 Isolated 10-bit ADC for Multi-Range Binary Inputs With Integrated DC-DC Converter MAX14001PMB
Companion Board Device Evaluated Description Board Number
Adapter Board - Low cost, easy to use USB-to-I2C/SPI/GPIO interface adapter board USB2GPIO
Isolation Board MAX14483 Provide isolation between the USB adapter board and any peripheral module board USB2GPIOISO

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