Two-Wire Interface Board

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MAXSMBus is an interface between an IBM®-compatible PC and System Management Bus (SMBus™) compatible serial-interface devices such as temperature monitors, voltage regulators, or A/D converters (ADCs). The MAXSMBus interface board is connected between the PC parallel port and the device under test, converting parallel data into two-wire, open-drain serial data. The board is provided for use with selected Maxim products and is not intended to replace commercially available SMBus hardware. MAXSMBus is shipped with a companion EV kit board, including all relevant software.

Note that the MAXSMBus board, combined with a PC, is intended only for the functional evaluation of Maxim SMBus-interfaced devices. The PC functions as the only bus master, and does not yield to any other SMBus master. The SMBus emulation system is not designed to meet all of the SMBus specifications.

Key Features

  • SMBus-Compatible Two-Wire Interface
  • SMBus Suspend Output
  • Two SMBus Alert Inputs
  • Overvoltage Fault Protection
  • PC Parallel Port Interface

MAXSMBus: Two-Wire Interface Board

Quality and Environmental Data

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