Low-Cost Smart Card Interface

The 73S80xx Family of Smart Card Interface ICs Offers Best-in-Class Performance with Flexible Package and Supply Options

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The 73S8010R is a single smart card interface IC, compliant to the electrical requirements of ISO 7816-3 and EMV 4.0 electrical specifications. It implements an I²C bus control, making it particulary suitable for applications that require several card interfaces. This is applicable to multiple SIM/SAM (secure access module) configurations in POS and payment terminals. The I²C host interface requires fewer controller interface signals, in comparison to applications that traditionally use TDA8004/TDA8002 type devices. The 73S8010R can be used in conjunction with Teridian’s 73S12xx host microcontroller family or any other host microcontroller that can support the smart card protocol.

Key Features

  • Compliance with Key Standards:
    • Complies with ISO 7816-3, EMV 4.0
  • Power Supply:
    • (VDD): 2.7V to 5.5V
    • (VPC): 4.75V to 5.5V (Supports 5V Cards)
  • Low Power:
    • Low Dissipation
  • VCC Card Generation:
    • LDO Regulator


  • e-Banking and Identification
  • POS, ATM, and Payment Terminals
  • Set-Top Boxes, Digital TVs (Conditional Access)
  • SIM Card Readers
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