Self-Contained Smart Card Reader with PINpad and Power Management

The 12xx Family of Smart Card Reader SoCs are the Ideal Choice for Integrating ISO 7816-Compliant Interfaces in Designs

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The 73S1210F is a versatile and economical CMOS system-on-chip (SoC) device intended for smart card reader applications. The circuit is built around an 80515 high-performance core; it features primarily an ISO 7816/EMV interface and a generic asynchronous serial interface. Delivered with turnkey Teridian embedded firmware, it forms a ready-to-use smart card reader solution that can be seamlessly incorporated into any microprocessor-based system where a serial line is available.

The solution is scalable, thanks to a built-in I²C interface that allows to drive external electrical smart card interfaces such as Teridian 73S8010 ICs. This makes the solution immediately able to support multi-card slots or multi-SAM architectures.

In addition, the 73S1210 features a 5x6 PINpad interface, eight user I/Os, multiple interrupt options, and an analog voltage input (for DC voltage monitoring such as battery-level detection) that make it suitable for low-cost PINpad reader devices.

Key Features

  • Turnkey Solution
    • Available with Pseudo CCID Software Stack:
      • Suitable for ISO 7816 and EMV Smart Cards
      • Single or Multiple Card Slots
      • Drivers for Windows XP®, CE, Mobile, Linux, and More
  • Higher Performance CPU Core
    • 80515 CPU Core
    • One Clock Cycle/Instruction
    • Up to 24MIPS Available
  • Large On-Chip Memory and Powerful In-Circuit Emulation
    • On-Chip 2KB XRAM, 256IRAM, and Dedicated FIFO to ISO 7816
    • True On-Chip 32KB Flash (Program Memory, Segmented with 512B Pages)
    • 3-Wire JTAG-Like Interface for In-Circuit Emulation and Flash Programming
    • On-Chip Security Fuses Can Permanently Disable the JTAG-Like Interface and Lock the Flash for Final Products
  • Single and Multiple Card Slots
    • One Built-In Electrical Interface
    • Suitable for All ISO 7816 and Derivative Standards (Including EMV 4.1, GSM11-11, etc.)
    • Possibility to Extend the Number of Smart Card Slots Through external 73S8010R/C ICs


  • Digital Identification (Secure Login, Government ID)
  • Payphones
  • PINpad Smart Card Readers with Serial Connectivity
  • POS Terminals
  • SIM Readers in Personal Wireless Devices
  • Vending Machines

80515-FPBM-TFP2: TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board
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