Interface ICs provide complete electronic interface circuit functions in a single chip which increases reliability while providing significant savings in design effort, design size and cost. Interface devices control and manage signal communications between diverse electronic systems. Our wide selection of interface ICs enable robust, reliable and efficient communications which simplify design while providing the highest levels of signal isolation and protection. Our market-leading transceivers, IO-Link devices, USB, high-speed serial link and industrial I/O interface devices support a broad variety of applications, including industrial, automotive, mobile and portable devices.

IO Link Transceivers

IO-Link® is a 3-wire industrial communications standard designed for linking sensors and actuato...


Maxim's controllers provide protocol conversion and port expansion for popular serial communicat...

Level Translators

Level translators provide an interface between components that operate at different voltage leve...

Industrial IO

Our industrial digital and analog I/O IC portfolio provides the highest levels of robustness on ...


Isolation ICs provide complete galvanic isolation between two power domains to protect circuits ...

High-Speed Signaling

Our high-speed differential signaling ICs support many standards, including CMOS, LCDS and TTL.

Universal Serial Bus

Our USB products provide solutions ranging from USB signaling to USB power management.

Signal Line Protection ICs

Signal line protection circuits significantly increase survivability by clamping over-voltage ev...

Signal Integrity

Maxim's portfolio of signal integrity solutions provides protocol-specific redrivers and equaliz...

Current Loop Products 4-20mA

Maxim provides a wide range of products designed for implementing and protecting 4-20mA communic...

Broadband Switches

Maxim's broadband switch portfolio offers protocol-specific solutions for high-speed (> 500MHz) ...

Sensor Interface

Sensor interface ICs connect directly to a sensor element and provide the needed signal conditio...

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RS232, RS422, USB, IO-LINK transceivers integrate features to increase reliability and simplify ...

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With the PC utility, easily exercise and evaluate 1-Wire devices.
Product Image


With the PC utility, exercise and evaluate a broad range of 1-Wire devices.
Product Image


DS2484 Converts I2C slave to 1-Wire master. Independent and flexible I2C and 1-Wire operating vo...
Product Image


Simultaneously programs up to eight 1-Wire devices.
Product Image


Designed for use with the DS2484EVKIT and 1-Wire PC adapters such as DS9490R.
Product Image


Fully IEC61131-2-compliant octal digital input with wire-break detection, integrated diagnostics...
Product Image


The only fully software-configurable DIO push-pull, fast, and surge protection product with Safe...
Product Image


Octal HS or push-pull, SafeDemag surge protection with integrated diagnostics and LED matrix.
Product Image


Includes two identical ICs for measurement of part-to-part propagation delay matching.
Product Image


Integrates 30 industrial IOs for lower heat dissipation and faster throughput in less than ten c...