Energy Measurement Processor for Single-Phase Power-Supply Units

Enables Power Capping and Right Sizing of Power Supplies in Data Center Applications


The 78M6610+PSU is a single-core energy measurement processor for single-phase power supplies. It is designed specifically for real-time monitoring at the input of AC-DC power converters used in data centers and IT server rooms. It is available in either a 24-pin QFN or 16-pin TSSOP package for optimal space savings.

The 78M6610+PSU provides four analog inputs (two differential and two single ended) for interfacing to voltage, current, and two optional temperature sensors. Scaled voltages from the sensors are fed to the single converter front-end utilizing a high-resolution delta-sigma converter. An embedded 24-bit energy measurement processor (EMP) and firmware performs all the necessary computation, compensation, and data formatting for accurate, real-time reporting to the host. With integrated flash memory, the 78M6610+PSU is a completely autonomous solution capable of storing nonvolatile data such as calibration coefficients and input configuration settings.

The 78M6610+PSU is designed to interface to the host processor via the UART interface. Alternatively, SPI or I²C may also be used. Supported current sensors include current transformers (CT) and resistive shunts.

Key Features

  • Delta-Sigma ADC with Precision Voltage Reference
  • Internal or External Oscillator Timing Reference
  • SPI, I²C, or UART Interface Options with Configurable I/O Pins for Alarm Signaling, Address Pins, or User Control
  • 24-Bit Energy Measurement Processor (EMP) with Integrated Firmware and Flash Memory Provides the User With:
    • True RMS Calculations for Current, Voltage, Line Frequency, Real Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, and Power Factor
    • Compensation for Ambient Temperature, Sensor Tolerances, Offsets, and EMI Filter Components
    • Real-Time Data Accumulation Based on an Integer Number of AC Cycles
    • Quick Calibration Routines for Manufacturability
    • Up to Two Voltage Inputs for Optional Connection to Thermal Sensors


  • Data Center Storage
  • Servers
  • Telecom/Datacom Equipment
Part Number SoC Type VSUPPLY
Total Sensor Inputs Internal Flash
Internal RAM
Slave Host Interface(s) Package/Pins
Energy Measurement
3.3 4 8 1.5
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78M6610+PSUEVK: Evaluation Kit for the 78M6610+PSU

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