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  • a-Log from easyLog Limited
    Easy to use iButton based system to track attendance of off-site and remote staff.
  • ar-Log from easyLog Limited
    Immediate on-line tracking of off-site and remote staff using a combination of iButton technology and the employees mobile phone.
  • ComLink from Midwest Computer Register Corporation
    ComLink transmits ID button serial numbers, via RF to an onboard computer, greatly reducing delivery time for 'Fleet Fueling', multiple tank deliveries, and automating asset tracking for storage tanks.
  • DAELIBS Loggers from DAELIBS
    DAELIBS Loggers are simple iButton ID readers that record the date and time of when each iButton is touched.
  • DigiTool Guard Patrol System  from Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.
    The DigiTool reads and time-stamps iButtons and downloads the data of up to 8000 events to the PC for creation of useful reports and integration to existing PC software applications.
  • Guardus G3 from Contronics Automacao Ltda.
    Guardus G3 is one of the most advanced iButton wands for round control available.
  • iBR9000 from Videx, Inc.
    iBR9000 is a very small, pocket-sized iButton reader ideal for use in any checkpoint application where you need to know who was there, and when they were there.
  • KEYper GT from KEYper Systems
    GT is a portable electronic iButton reader for data collection, employee monitoring, and event logging.
  • M6000 iButton Reader from Centor & CIA
    The M6000 is a super durable iButton ID reader that can be used for many different applications. It can also read DS1920 iButtons to perform Temperature Audits.
  • Model SV - LCD Serial Number Viewer from Photologic Ltd.
    An LCD display used to view the address of any iButton.
  • NanoKey from Polo bit srl
    The NanoKey iButton reader is extremely compact, waterproof, shock resistant and has a long battery life with no charging required. The NanoKey serves as a Data Collector for electronically certifying and keeping track of off-site employees for attendance, total work duration, in-process tracking and guard tour applications.
  • PIR2 from Embedded Data Systems, LLC.
    PIR2 Personal iButton Recorder - The PIR-2 is an ideal low cost handheld reader for guard tour and asset tracking applications. The PIR2 recorders the Unique ROM ID of iButton™ codes along with date and time stamp information.
  • PulseStar from Videx, Inc.
    The newest iButton reader from Videx, PulseStar was designed for harsh environments.
  • SL-33 Guard Tour iButton Reader  from CardWare d.o.o.
    Guard Tour iButton Reader
  • TEK Flash Touch Pen 2000 from TEK Industries, Inc.
    The TEK Flash Touch Pen 2000™ Data Collection Device (DCD) is a lightweight, handheld, yet rugged, microprocessor based data collection device housed in a cylindrical metal housing that is compact and small enough to fit into your pocket.
  • TEK Intrinsically Safe Rated Touch Pen from TEK Industries, Inc.
    A portable handheld, iButton™ data collection device that is rated intrinsically safe for gathering data in hazardous and explosive environments.
  • TouchProbe from Videx, Inc.
    Rugged durability characterizes this iButton reader.
  • Workey Mobile Workey Pointeuse from NOGEMA Ingenierie
    A small iButton reader that records iButton ID with date and time stamp.
  • Workey RS from NOGEMA Ingenierie
    iButton ID reader for the Psion Workabout.