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  Based out of Whitewater, WI, iButtonLink, LLC, is a manufacturer specializing in sensor technology and authorized iButton® solutions. iButtonLink also creates customized solutions for many companies, from simple product changes to completely new products.
iButtonKeyboard - The iButtonKeyboard, incorporates all of the components required to read the unique 16 digit address of any iButton, including the reader and an 18 inch USB cable.
iButtonKeyboard - Modular - This 1-Wire master appears as a standard USB keyboard wedge.
LinkLocator™ - The LinkLocator is an iButton reader module that eliminates the need for expensive, complicated networks and controllers.
LinkUSB Touch and Hold - The LinkUSB Touch and Hold is the newest edition of the LinkUSB featuring an iButton® read head directly on the device, cutting out any additional probes.
MultiSensor (MS) Family - The MultiSensor (MS) Family of sensors covers a variety of sensing needs: temperature, humidity, voltage, AC current, light level, and airflow.
NIST Calibrated Thermochrons - iButtonLink offers NIST traceable 6 point calibration for DS1921G Thermochrons.
SS Family - The SmartSubscriber™ (Slave) family of sensors provides an innovative way for information from sensors to be transferred to a 1-Wire® Publisher (Master) device. Our SmartSubscriber™ family currently includes humidity and temperature sensors, with new sensors under development.
T-Probe - The T-Probe temperature sensor uses a DS18B20 sensing unity surrounded by MacroMelt to create a trustworthy and waterproof probe. Cable length and connector are fully customizable to suit any customer’s needs.
T-Sense - The T-Sense® provides an easy-to-use temperature sensor at a great price. A RJ-45 patch cable can be used to connect the T-Sense® to a 1-Wire® master. Any software can be used with this product.
T-String - Originally designed for equipment racks, the T-String temperature probe has 5 DS18B20 temperature sensors spaced at 1-foot intervals down the cable and a DS2431 memory device to identify the position of each sensor. The T-String is fully customizable.
Temperature calibration services - ISO 17025-accredited calibration services for iButtons and DS18B20s.
The LINK - The LINK is a microcontroller-based replacement for the Dallas DS9097U-S09 for large or complicated 1-Wire networks.
The Link Family - Including members such as the classic Link, the LinkHub-E, the Link OEM, and the LinkUSB family, the Link Family covers a variety of 1-Wire master needs.
The LinkHub - A multi-port (4) serial port interface for 1-Wire® buses.
Typer™ Family - A reliable family of devices to input data from iButtons® into the program of your choice. Includes the iButton® Serial Typer®, the iButton® Memory Typer™, the iButton® Log Typer™, and the iButton® Alarm Typer™.
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