1-Wire Drivers - Sockets

For evaluation of 1-Wire® components with a PC-based 1-Wire host, the best interface solution is a socket on a PC board that can connect to the phone-style modular connector jack (RJ-11) on the 1-Wire/iButton® adapter.
Maxim's DS9090K includes a PC board with sockets for TO-92, PR-35, and TSOC package parts. Also included in the kit is a DS9490R 1-Wire/iButton adapter and the RJ-11 cable to connect the adapter to the PC board. The DS9090K includes several different 1-Wire parts for evaluation.
For 1-Wire parts in other packages, the customer will need to create a different solution to provide an electrical connection between the adapter and the product. To aid designing a solution, connector pinout descriptions for Maxim's 1-Wire/iButton adapters are provided in their corresponding data sheets.
Most 1-Wire component applications use a master other than a PC-based 1-Wire/iButton adapter. For more information on possible 1-Wire masters, see application note 4206, "Choosing the Right 1-Wire® Master."