1-Wire Drivers - Readers

An iButton® reader or probe is a mechanical contact to an iButton device that provides the electrical connection to your 1-Wire host. For PC-based applications, the reader connects to your 1-Wire/iButton adapter. PC-based adapters all include a phone-style modular connector jack (RJ-11). Therefore, suitable readers have a phone-style modular connector plug. The reader best suited for PC-based adapters is the DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot Receptor.
For applications where you intend to use a single iButton device with an adapter, some adapters have the reader built in and are called iButton holders. Note that iButton holder/adapters are not recommended if you plan to evaluate multiple iButton devices or if you need to frequently remove the iButton device from the holder. See the iButton adapter page for more information on adapters and holders.