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iButton Products: Readers and 1-Wire Adapters

Because iButton® products use the company's 1-Wire® protocol, the hardware needed for communicating with an iButton device is inexpensive. All the hardware below lets you communicate with iButton devices from PCs and PDAs to microprocessors and embedded systems.

PC 1-Wire Connectivity

Blue Dot The DS1402D Blue Dot Receptors are iButton reader/probes that provide a convenient pipeline into the PC for iButton-to-PC communication. The receptor's cable connects to a USB, serial, or parallel-port 1-Wire adapter, whichever type of port you wish to use. The receptor itself easily affixes to any accessible spot on the front of the PC. The user can elect a quick information transfer with a momentary touch of the iButton device to the Blue Dot Receptor. For hands-free operation, the iButton device can be snapped into the Blue Dot Receptor and remain there. Connector
Each receptor contains two Blue Dot connectors to accommodate instances where multiple iButton devices are required for a transaction. A company's policy may, for example, require both an employee and a supervisor to authenticate access to sensitive information stored on a network server.

USB Port Adapters

The DS9490R USB Port Adapter and the DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot Receptor connect to any standard universal serial bus (USB) port. The DS9490R connects to the USB port and then the DS1402D-DR8 connects to the DS9490 through an RJ-11 connection.
The DS9490 USB Port Adapter comes with the following features:
  • USB port
  • Internal 64-bit address
  • Communicates to all iButton devices; can read but not write to DS198x EPROM iButton devices
  • RJ-11 out

Serial Port Adapter

The DS9097U RS-232 Serial Port Adapters and the DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot Receptor connect to any standard RS-232-C serial port. The DS9097U connects to the serial port and then the DS1402D-DR8 connects to the DS9097U through a RJ-11 connection. The DS9097U is not a pass-through device. A serial port must therefore be dedicated to perform iButton communication.
The DS9097U RS-232-C COM Port Adapter comes in three versions:
  • DS9097U-S09
    • 9-Pin RS-232-C port
    • Communicates with all iButton devices, can read but not write to DS198x EPROM iButton devices
  • DS9097U-009
    • 9-Pin RS-232-C port
    • Has internal 64-bit address
    • Communicates with all iButton devices, can read but not write to DS198x EPROM iButton devices

  • DS9097U-E25
    • 25-Pin RS-232-C port
    • Communicates with all iButton devices
    • Has 12V-power port to enable writing to DS198x EPROM iButton devices

Parallel Port Adapter

DS1410/DS1402 The DS1410E Parallel Port Adapter and the DS1402D-DB8 Blue Dot Receptor combine to form a PC interface that consumes no other resources. The parallel-port signal lines pass through the DS1410E when iButton communication is not occurring. Peripherals, such as printers, can be reattached by first connecting the DS1410E to the PC parallel port, and then connecting the peripheral cable to the other end of the DS1410E.  The DS1410E also comes with an internal 64-bit address.

Other Readers/Probes

Two other probes are available for communicating with iButton devices through our adapters. The DS9092GT is a Handheld Touch Probe with tactile feedback. It can be connected to either the DS9490R USB port adapter or the DS9097U serial port adapters.
DS1402 The DS1402-RP8 and DS1402-BP8 are Touch-and-Hold Probes that allow you to just touch an iButton device or snap it in place for hands-free operation. The DS1402-RP8 works with the serial port adapters and the DS1402-BP8 works with the parallel port adapter.  The DS1404 is a Touch-and-Hold Probe Cradle designed to hold either the RP8 or BP8 probe. DS1404

Software Authorization Products

By using an iButton device as the key to lockup your proprietary or licensed software, you can keep unauthorized users from using or copying your software. The following products enable semi-permanent docking of an iButton device to the port adapter for software authorization solutions. Each of these products connects directly to their respective communications port. iButton devices, snap directly into the holder with no additional cables needed.
  • DS9490B USB, single iButton holder, with internal 64-bit address. Can also be used as a key chain fob.
  • DS1411-S09 Serial-port iButton holder
  • DS1411-009 Serial-port iButton holder, with internal 64-bit address
  • DS1410E
    • Parallel-port iButton holder
    • Internal 64-bit address
    • Can hold up to two iButton devices

Embedded Systems Probes and Ports

Many products use iButton devices for access control, data collection or authorization. These devices, such as Door Locks and PDAs, need a 1-Wire probe or port for communicating to iButton devices. For this reason we designed several probes and ports so you can easily build a 1-Wire interface directly to your embedded systems.
DS9092 DS9092T DS9092L
9092 9092T 9092L
The DS9092, DS9092T, and DS9092L are panel-mount Touch Probes pre-wired for easy installation. The DS9092T has tactile feedback for better feel, while the DS9092L is a durable probe essential for outdoor use. The DS9092L also comes with a green LED for directing users where to touch.
DS9100A DS9100C
9100A 9100C
The DS9100x parts are for building your own Touch-and-Hold Probe. The DS9100A and DS9100C, the parts used to make the company's DS1402-RP8 and BP8 probes, can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board to create a touch-and-hold probe.
The DS9092R and DS9092RG are 1-Wire Ports designed for communicating to 1-Wire chips or iButton devices within an embedded system. These 1-Wire ports are simply empty iButton 'cans' with data and ground leads inside to allow easy wiring to a microprocessor or 1-Wire micro-LAN. If a product contains 1-Wire chips and/or iButton devices, these ports allow you to communicate with all the 1-Wire devices simply by touching the port with one of the 1-Wire probes described above. Use the RG version for touch-and-hold applications.
iButton devices can be connected to printed circuit boards by using the DS9098P or one of the DS9094 parts. These PCB Mounts come in several different options to fit your needs.
DS9094F DS9094F Through Hole Mount
F5 Compatible
DS9094FS DS9094FS Surface Mount
F5 Compatible
DS9094SM DS9094SM3
Surface Mount
F3 and F5 Compatible
DS9098P DS9098P Surface Mount
F5 Compatible
For more info on how iButton and 1-Wire products can help you with your integration needs, use the links below to locate our partners.