The 1-Wire® Public Domain Kit is a software development kit (SDK) containing a 1-Wire API written entirely in C. The API source included in the kit is portable across multiple PC operating systems, handheld operating systems, and microcontroller platforms. The kit also contains over 20 sample 1-Wire/iButton applications, all written in C. For microcontroller platforms without an available C compiler, the kit also includes assembly code functions representing low-level 1-Wire bus protocol algorithms such as reset/presence detect, byte I/O, and bit I/O. The following download is source code only, and contains the Public Domain Kit's API, the example programs, different platform-specific link files, and assembly language files for microcontrollers without a C compiler.

Download Version 3.10—source code only. (Now supports the DS9490 USB 1-Wire Adapter.)

*See the table below to download precompiled binary builds for specific platforms and 1-Wire adapters.

Kit Advantages
A Note On Portability
Example Programs
What's New in Version 3.10
Precompiled Binary Builds
Precompiled Binary Builds (Preliminary Version 3.11 Beta 2)
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