Monitor Server Modules to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Down-Time

The controller in a module-based rack or chassis system often needs to identify which cards are installed, monitor key metrics, such as temperature, and track hot-swapped units. The 1-Wire® memory, I/O, and temperature-sensor products solve this problem by providing a unique identity for every module in the system, allowing all devices to be interrogated over a common 1-Wire connection.

Benefits of 1-Wire products

  • Backplane connector complexity is minimized
  • Operating power is derived entirely from the 1-Wire line, over a single twisted pair
  • Automatic module detection enables hot/live system insertion
  • Wide operating ranges: +2.8V to +5.25V, -40°C to +85°C
  • Each part is uniquely identified by a factory-lasered 64-Bit ROM ID
  • 1-Wire line drivers can offload 1-Wire communication from the host software

1-Wire Devices for Rack/Blade Servers

Device Function User memory Communication Benefit
DS28E04-100 Addressable EEPROM with PIO, Sequence Detect 4Kbit 1-Wire Allows host system to detect physical location of each module.
DS2431 EEPROM 1Kbit 1-Wire Provides module identification and programmable memory.
DS28EA00 Digital Thermometer, PIO, Sequence Detect - 1-Wire Ensures equipment is in the proper temperature range. Detects sequence without need for DS28E04-100. PIO can be used to power an LED to alert technician when a problem is detected.
DS2413 Addressable Switch - 1-Wire Provides programmable I/O pins.
DS2484 Single Channel 1-Wire Master - I2C slave, 1-Wire master Offloads 1-Wire communication from host software.
DS2482-800 8 Channel 1-Wire Master - I2C slave, 1-Wire master Offloads 1-Wire communication from host software. Provides eight physical 1-Wire lines.
DS28E25 Secure Authenticator 4Kbit 1-Wire Provides counterfeit protection and ensures modules are genuine OEM equipment.

Technical Documentation


Technical Documents

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Inventory and Asset Tracking
Take inventory of an entire server rack or blade system by embedding a 1-Wire memory IC in each module. Reduce time and labor costs associated with manual asset tracking and inventory counts. 1-Wire EEPROM devices include user memory and a unique ROM ID (serial number).

1-Wire addressable EEPROM devices allow the master to determine the sequence and physical location of modules. Use these 1-Wire devices to:

  • Eliminate errors in identifying equipment in need of rebooting or other types of service.
  • Identify in-use and available rack space and improve efficiency of rack re-configurations.

Improve data center security by alerting when an asset is moved or removed; this is a great application for 1-Wire serial EEPROM devices.

To take security a step further, a DeepCover Secure Authenticator can be embedded in each module to provide secure authentication, to ensure that the module is genuine to the OEM.

Monitor thermal state of inventory in real-time with a 1-Wire Digital Thermometer with Sequence Detect and PIO

  • Sequence detect determines the physical location of modules
  • PIO powers an indicator LED when problems occur, such as equipment outages and overheating

Application Notes: