Print Cartidge Authentication

1-Wire Contact Package Enables Low-Cost Print Cartridge Authentication

Adding printer cartridge authentication to a host system can be a genuine challenge. Spare connector pins are typically limited and adding pins increases connector complexity and cost. Our unique 1-Wire® Contact Package allows a 1-Wire device to attach easily to non-electronic peripherals, such as printer cartridges. Print cartridge authentication is accomplished with a single, dedicated connector contact, eliminating the need for more complex connectors while saving cost.

Benefits of 1-Wire Authentication for Printer Cartridge Authentication

  • Ensures reliability and quality by preventing use of non-OEM clone products
  • Securely stores ink or toner levels, thus preventing refilling
  • Minimal contact interface

1-Wire Memory Devices for Print Cartridge Authentication 
Secure Authenticators for Print Cartridge Authentication 

Type ID PDF Title
Application Note 5403 How to Build a 1-Wire® Evaluation Kit