PCB ID and Authentication

Authenticated PCB ID Secures Data and Enables Digital Labeling

Get the ultimate electronic solution for PCB digital labels and secure storage of product information. Our 1-Wire® EEPROM and secure authenticator devices feature a factory-programmed, 64-bit unique ROM ID to enable PCB authentication and a unique PCB ID. Programmable features, such as one-time-programmable (OTP) mode and write protection, combine with SHA-256 based secure authentication to ensure that critical data cannot be altered once it is programmed. Available options include factory personalization of SHA and ECDSA keys and customization of the 64-bit ROM ID. Examples of typical applications include storage of product characteristics, PCB hardware/software revision, maintenance records, and calibration constants.

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Benefits of 1-Wire ID and Authentication for PCBs

  • Factory-programmed, 64-Bit registration number provides a unique PCB ID
  • Individual memory pages can be write protected or put in EPROM emulation mode
  • Secure PCB authentication available using one of our secure authenticator devices
  • Minimal contact interface

1-Wire Memory Devices for PCB ID and Authentication 
Secure Authenticators for PCB ID and Authentication